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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

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Never mind Snow White, these vintage hand mirrors are the fairest things you’ll see yourself today. Our collection includes different styles of accessories. From 1920s art deco to the kind of minimalism that became popular in the 70s. Whether you like straight or curvy lines or neutral or bold colours, there’s something in this selection for everyone.Each vintage handheld mirror in our carefully curated marketplace has been hand-selected by a dedicated seller from our network of passionate vintage specialists. Representing the highest quality and characterful pre-owned hand mirrors, our edit makes it easy to find your one-of-a-kind piece today. No matter your personal style, budget, or interior scheme, we have just the right small hand mirror to suit.Shop dozens of pieces in our marketplace and buy direct from a trusted seller today.

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Vintage hand mirrors for sale at Vinterior

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years. Ever since the time of the Ancient Egyptian and Chinese dynasties, when shiny metals like tin, silver and copper were used in place of glass to show what you looked like. These early hand mirrors were plain and functional, simple wooden or metal frames with a sheet of reflective material hammered onto them.

It wasn’t until the 16th century that the process was properly refined and the quality of the small hand mirrors’ surface became clearer, and it took until the Victorian age for mirrors to appear as we know them now. Decorative as well as functional.

Our complete collection of vintage hand mirrors showcases designs from the 1800s onwards, but the term ‘vintage’ refers to pieces made 20 years ago and earlier. If you’re looking for the oldest styles, browse our antique hand mirrors. Of course, this broad time span incorporates a lot of different styles, from art deco to abstract, pop art, and minimalist. Each of these movements is characterised by different elements, which we’ve summarised for you below:

  • Art deco – symmetrical lines, sweeping curves, sumptuous fabrics, and striking monochromatic designs.
  • Abstract – sleek lines, sharp edges, natural materials, neutral colours.
  • Pop art – wavy lines, subtle curves, individual expression using easily accessible materials and bright, bold colours.
  • Minimalism – stripped back aesthetic, clean lines, monochromatic colour palette. Associated with Scandinavian designers.

For examples of all these styles and lots more, view our complete collection of vintage hand mirrors. However, if one aesthetic in particular has grabbed you, view by style, e.g. art deco mirrors, or Scandi mirrors, using our Advanced Search function.

Buying vintage hand mirrors UK

Hand mirrors are an elegant and still practical alternative to mounted wall mirrors. Though, if you want to check out our fabulous collection of vintage wall mirrors for comparison purposes, you’re more than welcome to do so. Today, they tend to take the form of compact, small hand mirrors, which may be easy to stash in your handbag for a quick touch-up, but they’re nowhere near as sophisticated as vintage style. You deserve a vintage hand mirror as beautiful as you are, so we’ve put together this dazzling collection of pre-owned pieces, which collates styles from across the ages, and combines a number of materials at affordable prices.

Vinterior makes vintage shopping easy. Instead of going to multiple shops, fairs, and stalls, view thousands of vintage items all in one online marketplace. Our community of trusted, independent vendors offers the greatest range of antique and vintage hand mirrors online.

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