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Vintage Hand Mirrors

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The history of the hand mirrors

The earliest incarnations of the hand mirror date back to Ancient Egyptian and Chinese eras, where metal like tin, silver and copper, or a highly reflective alloy were forged into round flat polished sheets connected to wooden or metal handles. These were the earliest versions of the hand mirror, which have since developed into highly decorative, sophisticated, and coveted pieces.
As mirror makers began to perfect the process throughout the 1500s, reflective hand mirrors became much clearer, and by 1835, we saw what we now know as the modern mirrors come to light, as Justus von Liebig had developed the technique of coating glass with silver. These mirrors were difficult to make, which in turn made these items extremely desirable. By the late 1800s, hand mirrors were an essential part of Victorian bedrooms, particularly among the upper classes and well to do. Nowadays, we see incarnations of the hand mirrors take shape of compact pocket mirrors, but they don’t come nearly as close in beauty as the craftsmanship of vintage and antique hand mirrors.

Why by vintage hand mirrors?

Hand mirrors may seem like a superfluous home decor item to some, but to others, they are both a practical and beautiful home decor staple. Coming in a wide range of sizes and styles, you’ll find that hand mirrors add an extra dimension to the getting-ready process. They also make unique and beautiful gifts.

Where to buy vintage and antique hand mirrors?

Vintage and antique hand mirrors are easy to find amongst Vinterior’s collection of beautifully crafted pieces. With hand mirrors spanning the decades, you’ll be able to find pieces in varying styles, such as antique Victorian hand mirrors, carefully crafted in silver and used by the upper classes, or more modern designs used in the 50s and 60s where designers began experimenting with new techniques and design principles. Whether you’re buying a hand mirror for yourself, or as a unique gift for a loved one, there are many different styles of hand mirrors to suit your own aesthetic preferences.