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Perhaps having a mirror in your garden might be an unconventional decor method for some, but garden mirrors can open up a whole new world for outdoor decorating. Of course, garden mirrors have some unique features of their own. As they are made with the intention of being used outdoors, they are more likely to be weather resistant and can take a bit of a heavier beating from the elements than their interior counterparts. Just as we use mirrors indoors, adding garden mirrors to your outdoor decor mix can prove useful for checking out if you’ve potentially been out in the sun too long and caught too many rays, for wondering if you’ve tanned evenly, or if the sunburn is really that bad.

Get creative with garden mirrors.

Decorating with garden mirrors can force you to be a lot more creative with designing your exteriors. Some ideas for decorating with garden mirrors include:
- Placing mirrors strategically in darker spaces to reflect light and increase brightness
- Framing them with plants and flowers for a unique border and decorative design.
- Use them along walls to turn plan wall landscapes into something remarkable

Be mindful of mirrors outdoors

Whilst you can possibly think of countless ways to use mirrors in your gardens, do take care to remember their potential impact on wildlife (we wouldn’t want to confuse any birds!) and also be wary of reflecting hot sunlight. Try to place them in areas that won’t have the sunlight reflecting into any windows or directly onto yourselves during the summer. Also, be careful to maintain your mirrors well as they are left outdoors and encounter any drastic weather conditions. Be sure to observe them regularly for damage and wear as the seasons change.

Where to find garden mirrors

Whatever your interior decor preference, shopping garden mirrors on Vinterior offers you a unique range of remarkable curated vintage and antiques. Find one of a kind pieces for the perfect finishing touches to a garden makeover project, or add a piece of unique history to your home.