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French Antique Mirrors      

Antique French mirrors are elegant, elaborate, and refined. They show off expert craftsmanship from the 19th century and before. Look out for arched designs, perfect symmetry, and ornate carvings done in gilt bronze. These antique French mirrors are the epitome of functionality and grace.

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Antique French mirrors UK

Antique French mirrors don’t just reflect what’s in front of them now. They also reveal a lot about the past. Like the kinds of materials and styles that were fashionable in France over a hundred years ago.

Our carefully curated collection of antique French mirrors is mostly made up of pieces dating from the 19th century, when mirrors became refined and decorative items for the first time. Although we do have some gorgeous earlier and later pieces as well.

The styles that dominate our selection are the Rococo style, which are luxuriously ornate and ornamental. And the Neoclassical, which works to strip all that back using straight lines and Greco-Roman design elements like gilded imitation columns in the frames.

Whether you’re looking for exaggerated beauty or understated elegance, we have the perfect mirror to finish off any room in your house. This is thanks to our amazing community of online sellers, who only stock the very best in French antiques.

Ready to get stuck in? Search Vinterior for the right antique French mirror for your home. We have dressing table mirrors for you to fix your hair, face, and make up in. Full length French antique mirrors for the all over check. Plus, bathroom mirrors for your morning and night-time skincare routines. Looking for even more? Browse our full collection of vintage mirrors.

The above examples are all about function. Although, if you’re buying with Vinterior, they’ll be gorgeous to look at as well as in, of course. But other rooms are a great excuse to get decorative. Hallway? Dining room? Living room? What will you do with yours?

Places to put gold antique French mirrors

Gold is opulent, sparkly, and the perfect surround for an antique French mirror in almost any setting. Here are our top three favourite places to hang them:

  • 1. Above one of our fabulous console tables in an entryway.

  • 2. A French antique mirror looks beautiful above the sink in the bathroom.

  • 3. Above a dresser or vintage sideboard in the dining room to catch the light and make the room feel bigger. Accessorise by adding a gold accent to your place settings with charger plates or mats.

    Where can I buy an antique French mirror?

    Find a whole collection of antique French mirrors online at Vinterior’s unparalleled online marketplace. Discover centuries’ worth of haute, historical pieces all in one place. Our advanced search tool makes things even simpler; filter by period, style, colour, country of origin and more to find the perfect antique French mirror for your space.