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When you’re kitting out your home, the main pieces of furniture are what you’ll probably focus on, but to make any room complete you’ll need to pay attention to the accessories too. Mirrors play an integral part in home decor, helping to add light and space as well as complementing the rest of the room. With such a large choice to consider, it can be difficult to settle on a particular style but vintage French mirrors should be top of your list. Well-built, elegant and decorative, the French vintage theme offers something special. Here at Vinterior, we have a range of high-quality furniture including vintage French mirrors. Whether you’re looking to buy or just be inspired, have a look through our online selection for the very best in vintage and heritage goods.

Beautiful Antique French mirrors

Classic design features of France’s antique decorative arts include symmetry, elegant and intricate designs, gilt bronze carvings, and tall, elongated shapes. The classic furniture we consider today to be the epitome of French design have their roots in the 17th and 18th centuries, when France was a rising power in Europe and the contents of royal and aristocratic homes were used to display the country’s newly instated wealth and status.

The popularity and unparalleled elegance of French style continued into the 19th and 20th centuries, with many antiques still available in perfect condition today. There is also no shortage of replicas and antique-inspired pieces on the market, too.

Many antique French mirrors took their inspiration from the famously luxurious furniture of the king: today you can find gorgeously elaborate gilt bronze crests on many antique mirrors from the era, conjuring images of royalty and decadence. Ornately decorated and ranging in sizes, find wall mirrors, dressing table mirrors, standing mirrors and trumeau mirrors (completed with affixed watercolour paintings) to bring a touch of true French sophistication to your space.

Vinterior is home to a huge and ever-expanding collection of antique French mirrors. If you’re seeking a specific style, colour, or size, easily search for the exact product you want and get instant access to a treasure trove of premium antique, vintage and contemporary mirrors.

Why buy antiques?

Antique French furniture, like most other antiques, will likely cost a little more than your everyday modern mass-produced furniture. So why choose antiques for your home?

Antique furniture is almost always very well-made. Not only were mass production methods limited to non-existent (which meant that slower, more thorough methods of crafting by hand had to be employed) but also that pieces were built to last.

French furniture-making was considered an art and was taken very seriously, so French antiques are as structurally sound as they are beautiful. For this reason, antiques are an investment and will deliver year after year of aesthetic pleasure as well as function for your home.

The character and story behind an antique piece are also what draws so many interior designers to them. Instantly inject personality and a touch of mystique to any home with a gorgeous antique French mirror, and enjoy gazing into the glass looked upon by generations of owners.

Vinterior is home to some of the most beautiful authentic French antiques in the world, all of which are of the finest quality and in great working condition. Find the ideal antique French mirror for your home today.

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