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Mid Century Modern Mirrors

The mid century modern period produced some of the most iconic mirrors in history.
With newfound access to mirrored glass and a wealth of framing materials to experiment with, mid century modern designers created some gorgeous mirrors.

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Mid century mirrors

Whether you’re looking for original pieces or faithful reproductions, modernist designers had a knack for turning a functional object into a work of art—and mirrors were no exception. The mid century modern era saw a huge expansion in design, crafting mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Alongside the classic round, oval and square constructions, many of the more unique looking mid century mirrors were designed in eye-catching asymmetrical shapes. Another popular design for mid century mirrors was the sunburst shape, which saw dials radiating stylishly from the circular frame. These were often rendered in brass and similar metals.

One of the most distinctive styles of mid century mirror was the radial rattan, an informal French style from the 1950s and 1960s. These mirrors were crafted from bamboo, cane and rattan, often with a pretty flower petal design. Burlwood was a popular material used in 1950s mirror design. It’s known for its durability and unique mottled, marbled finish which brings a rustic charm.

Mid century full length mirrors

A full length mirror from the mid century era could be the perfect statement piece for your living room or hallway.

Many of the best mid century full length mirrors came from Italy in the 1950s. You’ll find decadent chunky brass frames, interesting shapes like harps and pianos, and plenty of other unique pieces that reflect this style.

As with most mid century modern furniture, Danish designers also feature prominently. Their full length mirrors frequently come in gorgeous finishes of teak or rosewood frames, while the design of the mirrors themselves are remarkably simple and elegant.

More mid century mirrors

It’s not only free standing and wall mirrors in our collection. You’ll also find a fantastic range of mid century mirrored items such as hand mirrors, console mirrors, table mirrors and collectible designer items.