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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Frameless Mirrors

Mirrors are key elements of many rooms in your home. Whether used over the mantlepiece as a focal point of the living room or whether hung in the bedroom so you can check your appearance in the morning, vintage frameless mirrors have a special appeal all their own. Vintage frameless mirrors have a particularly beautiful appearance, often dating to the Art Deco period, and have proven to be very popular with homeowners with a love of gorgeous aesthetics mixed with excellent functionality. Explore Vinterior today and find mirrors that are perfect for any room of your home.

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What are the features of vintage frameless mirrors?

Many vintage frameless mirrors date from the Art Deco period and their distinctive look perfectly complements the furniture and décor of that time. Frameless mirrors were often designed for use over the mantelpiece in living rooms, dining rooms and other living spaces. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, although often these are not geometric shapes but rather feature unusual straight lines or curving edges for a unique appearance.

As they have no frame, they offer an unrestricted reflection, and they have a seamless look against the wall which is highly desirable. With their narrow bevelled edging, they have a fine and elegant look that is extremely distinctive. Some frameless mirrors even feature detailing such as engraving or images on the glass for extra aesthetic appeal.

A brief history of vintage frameless mirrors

The earliest known mirrors were made with polished stone like obsidian and date from around 6000 years ago. People in the ancient world had mirrors made from polished copper or other metals, but there were glass mirrors in use as early as the first century AD.

During the medieval period, glass blowing was developed, and it was this innovation which led to the development of convex mirrors, and the more widespread use of mirrors. In these early days, mirrors were still luxury items due to their expense, but over the years, their cost reduced and more people were able to see their reflection.

Although mirrors have always been functional items, they have always had an element of decoration about them. Egyptian mirrors have been found from the ancient world featuring intricate embellishments and carvings, and this has held true through the ages. Even today, mirrors are often just as ornate as they are useful.

Why should I invest in vintage frameless mirrors?

Almost every home will have at least one mirror somewhere in it. Whether in a bathroom, bedroom or living area, a mirror is an essential feature, both for practical reasons and for aesthetic ones.

Although it’s very simple to find a modern mirror, or even a contemporary mirror based on a vintage design, a true vintage frameless mirror has a real sense of character and style that is impossible to replicate.

Not only does a vintage mirror reflect your face, it also reflects the history and heritage of its past – its maker and its previous owners. By adding a vintage mirror to your room, you are bringing history back to life in the most wonderful way.

Find vintage frameless mirrors at Vinterior

If you’re looking for a stunning mantlepiece mirror to be a focal point of your living room, Vinterior has the perfect vintage frameless mirror for you. With an outstanding range of gorgeous Art Deco-style mirrors in a choice of sizes, shapes and designs, you’re sure to find inspiration for your home. Browse Vinterior today and explore our vintage mirror collection that reflects the best of good taste.

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