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The origins of gold mirrors

Many civilizations throughout history have given gold a spiritual, divine and royal symbolism. For Egyptians and Aztecs, gold represented the sun god, for the Greeks it was the symbol of immortality and reason and in the East the sign of absolute perfection. Beyond its spiritual symbolism, it is because of its beauty, brilliance and resistance to tarnish that gold has become a precious metal, prized by all.

Gold mirror for sale

Looking for a mirror to enhance your decor? Why not choose a gold mirror? Vinterior offers you a wide range of gold mirrors that will elegantly elevate and illuminate your interior. From vintage to traditional, Boho style to shabby chic, our collection offers products for every taste. With nearly 1000 pieces of all styles, shapes and sizes we are confident you will find what you are looking for. We select the best dealers from all over the world to offer you products of great quality at an affordable price.

Gold mirrors for your home

Gold, because of its brilliance and beauty, has often been symbolically associated with the sun. So what better decorative object than a gold mirror to embellish and illuminate your home?Placed in a bedroom, a hallway, a dining room or a living room, a gold mirror is a refined way to enhance any room in your home.

How to decide which gold mirror’ is for you

Whether your house has a farmhouse, mid century modern, urban modern or industrial look, the large variety of gold mirrors offered by Vinterior will suit any interior it is featured in. To flatter a modern interior you can choose a Vintage gold mirror to give a touch of authenticity, for a more traditional interior opt for one of our magnificent antique English gold mirrors. Browse through Vinterior to find the gold mirror that will put the final touch to your interior.