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You may think that a mirror has a place on your wall simply to help you check your hair, touch up your make-up or perhaps put in your contact lenses every once in a while. And in many ways you would be right. Yet, to think of a mirror just in terms of its primary function would be to ignore the many ways that this reflective surface adds to the quality and finish of your interior. As a way to add character to an environment and bring light into a room, there are few wall or table features as useful as a mirror. And among the most eye-catching styles of mirror you’ll find here at Vinterior is the Art Nouveau mirror. As a trend that prioritised creativity, Art Nouveau provides the perfect recipe for the statement mirror. Explore our online marketplace today for art nouveau mirrors and you will surely see what we mean.

Selecting a vintage Art Nouveau mirror

While it is difficult to nail down the precise features of Art Nouveau style – there was significant room for creativity, flair and innovation within this period – what we can say is that Art Nouveau pieces reflected a great deal of workmanship. Intricate detailing in wood, metal and glass are the hallmarks of this period.

If you love to incorporate rich woods or detailed metal-work into your home then an Art Nouveau mirror would be the ideal way to do this. Gold, silver and mahogany are bold colours that have the ability to catch the eye in any room. Positioning a mirror on one wall of your living room, dining area or perhaps a hallway can easily take the place of a picture or wall art. The added benefit of a mirror is that the extra light cast by the glass will help to add to the sense of space in even the smallest room.

Antique Art Nouveau Mirrors for Sale

Mirrors from the Art Nouveau period, or those designed in this style, can vary drastically in their shape, style and colour. Some of the most well-known and desired pieces however are those with intricate floral designs and patterns. The craftsmanship and sheer elegance of these particular Art Nouveau mirrors represents everything the period was about, and that is why they are such a popular choice for many people.

Why vintage art deco mirrors?

Buying vintage gives you a chance to truly show off your individuality and style preferences in a way that simply does not happen with modern flat-pack furniture. Vintage furniture has been loved, it has a story to tell, and it is a fantastic way to bring a new lease of life to an item that you really want.

Buying vintage does not mean you are buying old, broken furniture. Buying vintage means you are buying high quality, unique pieces with a story to tell and this is definitely the case with vintage mirrors. Each of the mirrors on our website has been owned and, in some cases, restored by our specialist community of furniture dealers, so you know the item you will be buying will be everything you want and more.

If you are looking to add a mirror from the Art Nouveau period to your home, then why not use Vinterior to find it? We have a wide selection of beautiful vintage furniture, curated from hundreds of dealers across the world so you will be able to find the right piece for your home.

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