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Over mantle mirrors refer to the oversized mirrors placed atop the fireplace or above a mantlepiece. Acting as a focal point in the room they can transform a neutral and plain space into a sophisticated, light and airy one. Antique over mantle mirrors were originally popular at a time when the fireplace was not only the hub of a home but also the grand and obvious central point of a room. The ornate and often dramatic style of the fireplace required a softer decorative element designed to draw the eye and open up a room. Browse our online marketplace now and take a look at the many different designs of antique over-mantle mirrors we have in our collection.

Why choose antique over-mantle mirrors?

Antique over-mantle mirrors come in various shapes such as rectangular, arched, square or curved and it is important to consider the décor of your home when choosing the shape of the frame of the mirror. Getting the appropriate frame to fit with your interior theme can help transform the room and create a more cohesive style.

Many modern over-mantle mirrors bear a striking resemblance to antique styles and often draw inspiration from the Victorian era or French parlour style. which championed a more decorative frame for added drama.

Gold-lined frames of the Victorian era create a luxurious look while a dark wood frame is very traditional in style and can be used to give a room a more classic look and feel. If you are looking to add a statement piece, antique over-mantle mirrors with gothic and unique ornaments on the frames provide the perfect balance of beauty and style.

To create a more ambitious statement, Art Deco over-mantle mirrors have a strong and recognisable look with distinct curved shapes and metalwork. Often, they also feature gilded or coloured floral shapes, which were popular in that era.

Benefits of antique over-mantle mirrors

Set against a solid background, antique over-mantle mirrors with a striking frame can often be the piece that brings an overall interior look together. Using a large mirror in your living room or bedroom can help to create the illusion of space, as well as reflect the light to make a house look brighter. The mirror can become a focal point in your home and, with an antique mirror, it will even have its own story to tell.

Over-mantle mirrors can come in a number of different materials, allowing you to complement your existing décor and interior theme. From pine to satinwood, brass to mahogany, your mirror can make whatever statement you choose.

Remember, too, that an original antique over-mantle mirror is an investment. Often passed down through generations due to their size and relative impact, the chance to own an original antique mirror is not one to pass up. And unlike a mass-market modern product your antique mirror is much more likely to retain or even increase in value over time.

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