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The Victorian period was one of innovation and optimism with Britain leading the way in an industrial revolution that redefined the western world. The productivity and creativity of the Victorians was reflected in the way they decorated and furnished their homes, with bedroom furniture being no exception. Ornate, eye-catching and with no expense spared, the furniture that has survived from since Queen Victoria’s long reign is both very well made and distinctively designed. Dark woods like mahogany, walnut and rosewood were popular; as were romantic detailing and high polish finishes. Find the Victorian bed, wardrobe, or dressing table you’ve been looking for at Vinterior, or simply browse for inspiration.

Why choose Victorian bedroom furniture?

The bedroom is the ideal setting for Victorian furniture, which often exudes just the right mix of cosiness and romance. Pieces that are chosen carefully with proportion and overall aesthetics in mind can create a wonderful ambiance, whatever period your home dates from.

Victorian bedroom furniture varies greatly as the reign lasted almost seven decades and various styles came in and out of fashion during that period – many of them reflecting those borne of earlier centuries. The well-heeled Victorian would have bought matching suites of bedroom furniture, often consisting of a bed, wardrobe, washstand and dressing table.

If you are looking to recreate the full high-glamour impact of the late 1800s, look for pieces made of highly-polished mahogany, perhaps featuring intricate marquetry inlays, marble tops and brass fittings. An oval bevelled mirror, thickly curved cornices, deep storage space and brass rails might all feature on the classic Victorian wardrobe.

Perhaps the piece that most obviously says ‘Victorian’ to the modern furniture buyer is the bedroom washstand. The precursor to today’s plumbed-in basin, only relatively well-off Victorians would have owned such an item. Filled with warm water by patient servants, the washstand was a luxury designed for middle-class homes. Authentic Victorian beds meanwhile, were built to last using solid woods such as oak and used traditional carpentry techniques. These highly desirable but rare pieces can be found here at Vinterior.

This period isn’t all about heavy, dark and opulently decorative furniture. One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of Victorian style to a bedroom is a pretty wrought iron bedstead. Most often available as singles or small doubles, these pieces work very well with an otherwise contemporary styling.

Another way to inject a bit of Victorian opulence to the boudoir is by investing in a single chair, to place alongside a window, by the bed, or at a dressing table. With turned walnut legs, deep-buttoned upholstery and finished in a luxurious fabric like velvet or brocade, a Victorian bedroom chair offers a unique look, as well as a friendly nod to past times.

Why choose Vinterior for Victorian bedroom furniture?

When you buy a vintage or antique Victorian piece to furnish your bedroom, you’re on your way to creating an absolutely one-off space. Rather than choosing the same mass-produced piece as your friends and neighbours, you’re investing in something nobody else will have. Charmingly weathered by the decades, restored to its original glory or renovated for modern life, Victorian furniture brings its story to your home.

Vinterior is a good place to discover the Victorians’ furnishing legacy. Take your time to explore the high quality bedroom furniture designed and made during Queen Victoria’s many years as ruler. Browse beds and wardrobes, drawers and washstands, dressing tables and more.