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Hollywood Regency Furniture

If ‘the more glam, the better’ is your motto when it comes to home décor, then you need to browse our lavish and opulent collection of Hollywood regency furniture for sale. This classic and luxurious design is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated, stylish, and elegant feel for the home.

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Hollywood’s Golden Age

Hollywood regency furniture originated from Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1930s. Producers and directors wanted to introduce an extra dose of glamour and star power to their sets, so they decorated with prominent extravagance and opulence in mind. The famous Hollywood stars of the era soon adopted this trend in their own homes, including big names like Joan Crawford.

While Hollywood regency furniture has plenty of similarities with mid-century pieces when it comes to silhouettes and clean lines, other details such as pattern and colour are inspired by art deco design. Art deco shares a similar love for luxe, but it doesn’t have the diversity that Hollywood Regency furniture offers.

The number one design element of Hollywood regency furniture is pure glam. Pieces often feature lavish details, luxurious accents, and rich textures. Think deep-hued velvet sofas and eye-catching brass cabinets. If you want to transform a space into a complete Hollywood Regency theme, you’ll want to make the room feel as decadent and as opulent as possible. If you think you’re overdoing it, then you’ve probably nailed the trend.

Hollywood regency style is all about communicating plush glamour in a manner that isn’t too pompous or self-serious. When styling a Hollywood regency room, consider richly layered textures, high contrast designs, bright and bold hues, and metallic finishes.

Hollywood Regency furniture for sale

Hollywood Regency style isn’t afraid of colour or pattern, but both are used strategically. The designs and colours are typically bold and out there, so décor is usually kept to the same colour palette with one or two patterns used. Otherwise, a space can appear far too busy and overdone. Jewel tones are popular, and black and white together is a classic combination. Metallics like brass are often used too. While you’ll see plenty of black and white hued schemes, plenty of pieces introduce a pop of colour too.

Here at Vinterior, we have Hollywood regency furniture for sale in various designs, furniture types, and materials. Our Hollywood Regency pieces offer a beautiful mix of eras and styles that combine wonderfully to create beautiful and unique works. Materials include luxurious fabrics and textiles textiles, including velvet, silk, and fur. You’ll also notice accents of brass or gold, fringe, crystal, and other glitzy elements.

Browse our collection of Hollywood regency furniture for sale and discover everything from fringed velour lounge chairs to brass and chrome dressing tables from the 1970s.