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Retro furniture is known for its ability to bring a nostalgic look and feel to your home. It allows you to add pieces that are carefully designed and created by expert craftsmen, rather than mass produced and easily replicated. Find the perfect piece of retro furniture for your home using our advanced search options. You can hone your search to include pieces which fit within your budget, style, the material you love and the location you’d like to buy from. Whether you like simple, clean lines or something loud and quirky, we have you covered. You can choose from well known, collectable retro furniture designers or beautifully crafted pieces which suit a smaller budget. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the ideal piece to complement your home.

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Retro furniture for sale

It can be hard to find the exact vintage retro furniture for sale to suit your home, budget and space. That’s why at Vinterior we have over 1,800 boutique furniture sellers in our community. Each of them offers some wonderful, unique pieces, which are hand picked by our experts to ensure we’re bringing you the best retro furniture UK. You can sort the furniture by style, material, size, price, location and so much more, to help you find the ideal item to suit your home. You can also browse some of our other styles, including postmodern furniture, rustic furniture, Oriental furniture and more. Or browse our complete collection of vintage furniture for thousands of options.


Where to buy retro furniture?

It’s easy to buy retro furniture, but finding the exact piece to suit your home can be difficult. We used to have to spend years searching through antiques shops and boutique furniture stores. Luckily, it’s now much easier to buy retro furniture. Our marketplace offers items from over 1,800 small local businesses, allowing you to pick up one of a kind items. There’s something to suit every budget and style, and you can narrow down your search using our price, size, style, material, and design filters, and more.

What is retro furniture?

Retro furniture is one of the most difficult to define. It covers a long period of time and generally refers to furniture that was created before 1990. Specifically, retro furniture includes furniture which was created in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and more recently pieces from the 1980s have been considered to be part of the style. Retro furniture is famous for its ability to bring back nostalgia and includes sofas, consoles, dining chairs, lamps and lots more.

What era is retro furniture?

Retro furniture generally refers to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Recently, the 1980s has been included in this list. Retro furniture can be broken down into further categories, including modernist furniture and Scandinavian modern furniture.