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Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic furniture exudes class, elegance and an overall effortless antique feel that will make your home beautiful. The soft, distressed shabby chic style offers a romantic and homely feel, similar to a whimsical and welcoming cottage décor. Pastel and soft neutral colours are used to soften the appearance of shabby and emphasise the chic look.

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Shabby chic furniture

You’ll always feel right at home with our shabby chic furniture. From Laura Ashley to Kill International and from Stag to Interier Praha, we’ve got many well-known and loved brands. In fact, with over 1,800 boutique furniture sellers and over 3,000 unique shabby chic furniture pieces to choose from, you’re in for a treat.

Shabby chic style fits into two categories. The first is where furniture is antique and is showing a bit of character through its wear and tear. The second is where new or newer furniture items have undergone distress to appear older and look antique. Shabby chic furniture uses soft colours, such as whites and pastels, and natural materials, such as pine, oak and other wood, to achieve a romantic look. Intricate details such as hand carvings, paintings and embellishments are often added too, which help to enhance the warmth of the piece. What are you waiting for? Start adding those beautiful feminine touches that only shabby chic can provide and make your house your home. We have armchairs, dining chairs, tables, sideboards, cabinets, chest of drawers, beds and much more.

French shabby chic furniture

Shabby Chic refers to several styles, all of which boast elegance, femininity and class. As shabby chic furniture originated in the UK, the English country shabby chic style tends to remain the most popular. However, there’s also granny chic, rustic, cottage, and of course, French shabby chic to choose from.

Vintage shabby chic furniture UK

At Vinterior we have more than 2,000 UK boutique and independent vintage shabby chic furniture sellers. So, although your antique cabinet, vintage chair or time-worn table may have been all over the world and have many stories to tell, you’ll be able to receive it quicker, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Shabby chic furniture looks great when partnered with other styles too, such as rustic, postmodern and upcycled furniture. So, don’t be afraid to shop different styles and combine unique pieces that suit you and your home.