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When people think of the 1950s, they may think of Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, up and coming Pop Art, or even movies like Some Like It Hot. These pieces of pop culture brought a past era back into our lives and simultaneously revived a very distinct, stylish and somewhat quirky approach to interior design. Tear-shaped tables, brighter colours, patterned wallpaper – all these things and much more embody the 1950s era. Our love for retro furniture is forever growing, wanting staple pieces in every room of our homes. This includes the bedroom. Have a look at our range of 1950s bedroom furniture here at Vinterior and see how you might incorporate mid-century style into your bedroom.

Why choose 1950s bedroom furniture

From grand 1950s commodes to ultra-stylish dressing tables, there are many pieces of furniture you can bring into your boudoir to achieve a stylish mid-century look. Sleek, cool, clean and sophisticated – these are fitting words to describe mid-century modern design.

The bed was and always has been the centrepiece of the bedroom. And the 1950s saw the arrival of retro framed beds in teak and rosewood. Quite unlike the more ornate designs of the Victorian or Art Deco period, the 1950s was about style in simplicity.

The same can be said of bedside tables and other cabinetry, with brands like G Plan and Nathan particularly prominent during this period. For a more delicate and slightly industrial finish you may find a number of bedside tables and chest of drawers on metal hairpin legs or slender wooden legs here.

Furniture in the 1950s is indicative of a reaction to a post-war era, where inventiveness was key but a more informal feel was in high demand. Danish design was particularly popular during the 1950s, so it is well worth browsing for designs by Scandinavian designers of the time.

Alongside the more traditional woods, a number of other materials also crept into the bedroom during the 50s. Plastics, resin, metal composites, laminates and fibreglass were all becoming more popular, particularly in seating and storage.

Lighting and 1950s bedroom furniture

An often overlooked but crucial factor in creating 1950s design is paying attention to lighting. Pendant lights were increasingly popular during this period, using a combination of materials. From the Danish horn lights to industrial metal shades (available in a range of colours) there are no shortage of ceiling light options to choose from.

Similarly, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to bedside lamps. Even in a calm and otherwise neutral room, the simple addition of a vintage Louis Kalff lamp in black and gold or an Italian ceramic table lamp with a muted lampshade can really add character to a bedroom space.

If you’re captivated with the mid-century modern look or just looking for something out of the ordinary, browse through our range of 1950s bedroom furniture. Add a touch of the past to your future.

Why shop for 1950s bedroom furniture with Vinterior

At Vinterior we appreciate the finer things in life. When you invest in vintage furniture, you are buying into a long and rich history just waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds of stories to be revealed with every item of vintage furniture on our marketplace, and that is one of the most exciting things about Vinterior.

Our 1950s bedroom furniture can add a sparkle to your home, reminding us of an age full of optimism and style. Browse our range on Vinterior now to discover the very best the mid-20th century had to offer.

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