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Mirrors have always had a magical quality to them. As mysterious as they are elegant, these home essentials are among the most versatile pieces of furniture out there. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of reflecting light back into a space, but they also stand out as attractive pieces in their own right. The right mirror can really set off a room’s design, and when you take your inspiration from contemporary designs you’ll discover a whole world of possibilities. So take a step through the looking glass and enjoy exploring the range of contemporary mirrors available here at Vinterior.

Why choose contemporary mirrors?

The idea of investing in an ornate vintage mirror is a tempting one for many of us. Certainly, vintage pieces carry an unmistakeable sense of character and charm, but that’s not to say that newer pieces can’t be equally appealing. On the contrary, high quality contemporary furniture has its own unique attraction, possessing the ability to act as both a showstopping statement piece and a versatile addition which blends seamlessly into its surroundings. With striking shapes, sleek materials and imaginative forms, its hard to resist the draw of contemporary furniture – and contemporary mirrors are certainly no exception.

One of the hallmarks of contemporary furniture is that the very best modern furniture is not characterised by a single style; rather it demonstrates a willingness to create new pieces influenced by the best designs from the past. This adaptability means that modern mirrors can fit any brief, from classic chic designs to jaw-dropping statement looks which act as focal points in any space. Some modern mirrors look deceptively simple, offering a more subtle kind of luxury with rounded edges and delicate gilded aspects. Others, however, boast unique designs that draw the eye, with swirling shapes and bold lines creating dynamic silhouettes.

Contemporary design takes its inspiration from a variety of different cultures and historical period, which is part of the reason why its such a diverse style. However, elements such as gold framing and unusual constructions are common in our contemporary mirror collection. This is what gives these pieces their energetic freshness.

Why shop at Vinterior?

There is a stigma surrounding contemporary furniture that it doesn’t possess the same level of character you get with vintage pieces. This misconception stems from the temptation many people have to source their contemporary home additions from large chain stores and high street brands where mass-produced, flatpack pieces are commonplace. This is where you lose any sense of character, but by choosing Vinterior you are choosing to explore contemporary pieces with all the charm and uniqueness you would expect from the finest antiques.

We are the UK’s number one online marketplace for vintage, antique, retro, mid-century, contemporary, artisan and bespoke furniture solutions, with thousands and thousands of items to discover from over one thousand trusted traders, brands and designers. But don’t let the size of our collection fool you, we remain extremely selective about the furniture we choose to list. You will only find the most premium furniture when browsing Vinterior, each one rich in character and backstory no matter how old or young.

From vintage to contemporary, Vinterior is the number one timeline for discovering furniture throughout the years. From the ornately traditional to the daringly modern, the perfect mirror is waiting for you in our collection. Explore Vinterior today and discover just how versatile a contemporary mirror can be.

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