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The 17th century was a time of grandeur, extravagance and dynamism. In the world of art and literature, a move was made towards bold realism across Europe. While it is easy to think about the Baroque period in relation to music, portraiture and architecture, it is worth sparing a thought for the interesting and intricate furniture designs that came to prominence at this time. Indeed, a piece of original Baroque furniture that has survived to this day is a precious item indeed. If you are looking to bring a touch of Baroque style to your home, you have come to the right place. Here at Vinterior we are the one-stop-shop for antique and vintage furniture, and among our thousands of listings you may well find the perfect Baroque piece for you. There are also many Baroque-inspired pieces made during the late 19th and 20th centuries that take inspiration from those 17th century influences. And how better to incorporate a 17th century theme into your home than with a stylish Baroque mirror? Browse our collection now.

Why choose a Baroque mirror?

A Baroque mirror is often characterised by an intricate and intensely detailed frame. Featuring curves, carvings and possibly with depictions of anything from foliage to cherubs, we can say that a Baroque mirror will become an eye-catching feature in any home. Whether you choose to place your mirror at the end of a hallway or at the top of your stairs, in a bedroom or above your mantelpiece, there is nothing quiet or subtle about a Baroque mirror.

As for the materials used, it very much depends on whether you are purchasing an original Baroque piece or a Baroque-inspired mirror from the 20th century. The framing may be made from rich mahogany and giltwood or they could be made with plaster. The colours used on these pieces will likely be full of golden elements married with the darker tones of the wood or bronzed colours. This allows the finer details to stand out so they can be truly admired.

On our marketplace you may come across sunburst mirrors, rectangular mirrors, hand mirrors, and others originating from different countries in Europe, especially Italy where the Baroque style was perhaps most influential.

Baroque mirrors: shop with Vinterior

Choosing a Baroque mirror will enhance your living space, bedroom, bathroom or whatever other room you plan on adding it to. This is because Baroque mirrors are notable for their detail and grand status.

One benefit of choosing an antique Baroque mirror or a vintage reproduction is that you are making your home a more sustainable place. By opting for pre-loved pieces of furniture you reduce the demand for new mirrors to be made from new materials – which consumes precious natural resources.

Baroque items are built to last. By using quality wood such as mahogany and giltwood, you know that the mirror is going to be around for many more years, which is great because these items should also be seen as an investment. Paying a little extra for a Baroque item can be financially beneficial in the long term as the valuation of these pieces continue to rise over time. Just make sure you take good care of it.

If a Baroque mirror or Baroque-style mirror would be a welcome addition to your home, then browse through our current listings and see what our recognised and trusted sellers currently have on offer for you. The Vinterior marketplace isn’t just a place to shop for exceptional furniture, it can be a go-to resource for your own personal projects when creativity is running low and you need extra inspiration and motivation.