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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Sunburst Mirrors

Here at Vinterior, we have a variety of vintage sunburst mirrors available. Our marketplace is the answer for anyone looking to find Britain’s best boutiques, trusted dealers and expert craftspeople offering beautiful furniture from across the ages. Among the many incredible pieces listed on our website you can find stunning sunburst mirrors. These decorative items can be placed in any room of your home as a stylish and practical addition. If you think a sunburst mirror might help to elevate the look of your home, browse through our collection today.

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Why choose a vintage sunburst mirror?

Sunburst mirrors provide an eye-catching combination of wall mirrors and wall art. The outer decoration of the mirror can be made in different types of hand-crafted wood or different sleek and durable metals. These decorative aspects are the parts that differ in style the most, and there are many designs to choose from. Some are minimalist and subtle while others can be intricate, full of detail and larger than the mirror itself.

If you are looking to bring a bit of 1930s swagger with an art deco sunburst mirror or retro cool into your home there are few quicker or more impactful ways to do so than to hang a sunburst mirror on a carefully chosen wall. With so many different types of sunburst mirrors available, there is a good chance you’ll find a sunburst mirror to match your tastes here at Vinterior.

Sunburst mirrors can be an exceptional addition to any room in your home. They aren’t just great conversation starters for your living space; they can also provide functionality to your bathroom or bedroom to help you prepare your appearance for the day ahead. Whether you’re admiring the intricate design of the French wood or your new hair-do then a sunburst mirror can be a great finishing touch.

The benefits of a sunburst mirror

Aside from their obvious function as a mirror, some sunburst mirrors are also capable of making your living space look bigger and, when strategically placed, they can redirect light into all the right corners. They have the ability to transform rooms and direct attention to certain corners and other features.

They are also a piece of art. Just like adding a new painting or tapestry to your wall the addition of an art deco sunburst mirror can add some artistic flair to your walls. Especially considering some of the outstanding craft and attention to detail that their outer designs showcase.

As these items have been around for a long time – with some pieces dating back to the 1920s – it is also possible to get a collectable sunburst mirror that will continue to grow in value. Collectables like the sunburst mirror stem from eras of the past, and will have been made as a result of many days of labour, using quality materials and adding time-consuming details that your typical mass-produced sunburst mirrors simply won’t have.

Shop for sunburst mirrors with Vinterior

We often have a variety of sunburst mirrors featured on our online marketplace so now is the time to take a look for yourself. We have a range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. We only welcome the best of Britain’s furniture boutiques to trade on our site, so you know your purchases will be of high quality and made from only the finest materials. Our marketplace is also a great resource for people wanting inspiration in their own projects and interior renovations. Browse our collection of sunburst mirrors now.

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