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Complete any room with a striking focal point and invest in an antique wall mirror from our exquisite collection at Vinterior. Whether handing on a chimney breast in a drawing room or looming large behind a kitchen banquette, these antique aged wall mirrors add a certain something to any space they’re used in. A practical purchase, as well as a strikingly stylish one, source your antique mirrors direct from the dealer right here.

Are you obsessed with late-18th century opulence? Are you renovating your dream period home and need some era-appropriate styling? Or perhaps you’re working on a country manor for a commercial client? No matter your reasons, discover the antique-style wall mirrors you crave in our marketplace.

Find your one-of-a-kind antique wall mirrors for sale in our characterful collection at Vinterior today. We’ve searched far and wide to partner with trusted professional sellers across the UK and Europe. Helping you to buy with confidence when you shop with us.

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How do I use antique wall mirrors to create a characterful space?

When you place an antique wall mirror strategically in your room, you will find that the mirror can create the illusion of a larger space. Whether it's an aged antique wall mirror, replete with foxed glass or gilded-frame pieces, a mirror will reflect light making the room feel brighter and bigger. If you have a smaller room, you can place an antique-style wall mirror to make the room look bigger, giving your antique investments even more use.

How do I style a space with antique wall mirrors?

If your room needs some attention and you want to impress everyone visiting your house, an antique wall mirror can become that centrepiece that enhances the look and feel of your house. Whether placed above a large antique fireplace or over a grand antique sideboard, an antique-style wall mirror will fill any blank walls that need some decoration. Plus, antique aged wall mirrors are a showpiece in themselves, and that’s why they become the perfect item to decorate your home with.

What makes an antique wall mirror so unique?

The antique wall mirrors available here at Vinterior are all one of a kind. You will never find a duplicate piece hanging in your friend’s home. Plus, many of these antique-style wall mirrors were handcrafted by highly skilled craftspeople, ensuring your lasts for years to come. An antique wall mirror can act as a centrepiece of any room, which means you will not have to invest in too many other home décor items if that’s your taste. If you have very simple furniture in your house, then investing in an antique wall mirror creates a sense of drama in otherwise minimal settings.

Where to buy antique wall mirrors?

If you are thinking of buying exquisite pieces for your home, you’ll find the perfect one-of-a-kind antique wall mirror for sale at Vinterior only. Sourced by trusted sellers, you’ll find high-quality, characterful pieces when you shop today.

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