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Use of oak in furniture

Oak is an exceptionally dense wood, which is the origin of its hardness. Prized for its strength and durability throughout the Middle Ages, oak was used in furniture making, construction and ship building. Oak has long been used for furniture construction and is part of the history of English antiquities. It was especially popular during the Georgian era. Then it was left aside before making its comeback at the end of the Victorian times. Today, it is still widely used in the manufacture of furniture. In recent years the trend in interior design has been towards the use of natural materials which is one of the reasons why oak is being used more and more.

Oak mirrors for sale:

Passionate about design and customer service, Vinterior's goals are to provide high quality products and services. Discover our exceptional range of oak mirrors, carefully selected by the Vinterior team. Whether you are looking for a Scandinavian or Vintage style oak mirror, let one of our beautiful oak mirrors convince you.

Oak mirrors for your home

When looking at a frame, you will need to consider how the frame will coordinate or contrast with the room’s décor, but the charm and elegance of wood makes it one of the materials that can blend into almost any decor. An oak mirror will be ideal to decorate a traditional or minimalist interior as well as to create contrast in a more modern interior by bringing a touch of authenticity. A mirror is something that is far more than a practical accessory for a room. It can be a feature of a room, a statement, and a piece of decorative art as well. Versatile mirrors will reflect light around your room to create an airy feel and illusion of space. Made from high-quality materials, our resilient oak mirrors will make a stylish statement in your home.