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Antique mirrors for your home

There is a quality about antique mirrors that remains unmatched and forever loved by vintage and antique collectors alike. With a history centuries old, it is amazing to think that you are looking through the same glass that members of distinguished families of years gone by have also looked through. Not only that, but the craftsmanship that went into the creation of antique mirrors is one to marvel at. The intricate carving, elaborate embellishments, and a unique perspective on art and design all make antique mirrors an amazing investment for your home.

How to find Antique mirrors?

One way to find antique mirrors for your home is to browse the Vinterior catalogue for unique and remarkable finds. We have an abundance of antique mirrors from antique dealers all across the globe, with inventories dating back centuries.

What style of Antique mirror should I go for?

As mentioned, antique mirrors have centuries worth of history, and with that, antique mirror styles have been through a multitude of stylistic changes and experienced many different artistic movements. For example, you may be fond of French antiques, so opting for decorative French gilt antique mirrors would suit that style. Rococo or baroque style antique mirrors are extremely popular as their intricate carving and use of gold embellishments remind us of illustrious artistic movements of the past. There are also the options of over mantle mirrors, ebonised or metallic finishes, a variety of shapes such as square and oval, and more unconventional frameless designs.
Thinking about the function of antique mirrors is also very important when choosing antique mirrors for your home. Perhaps you are looking for small antique mirrors for a dresser, bedroom or bathroom decor, or a standing mirror for a dressing room, all available in antique mirror styles. The styles are endless; all that remains is figuring out what type of antique mirror fits best with your unique interior decor preferences.
Vinterior boasts many antique mirrors for sale, and once you decide which Antique mirrors are for you, it’s easy to browse our catalogue. Add some 18th century class to your interiors, discover French, Italian and Victorian style antique mirrors for sale in the UK and across the globe.