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Do you have a frequent burglar visiting through your garden? Gone are the days of electronic security systems. Instead, garden lights can provide you with added flair to your flowers and landscaping, but also provide an affordable security alternative. At least your burglar will look pretty in the headlights.
Garden lights embody security, beauty and safety. We should no longer rely on the big ball of gas in the sky that happens to shine only a few hours of the day. Your vegetation deserves more than that. Opt in for some great vintage garden lights to ensure that your garden presentation is up to par, and to encourage friends and families to enjoy those BBQ get-togethers in peak summer.

The origin of vintage garden lights

Landscape lighting, or garden lighting, originated from the 17th century to illuminate private gardens or public landscapes as a form of enhancement, whether it was for safety, night time, aesthetics, recreation, accessibility or sport purposes.
In simpler times, it would have sufficed with wood and firelight. Technological innovations from the 19th century resulted in gas lighting and thus electric lighting in the 20th century. In more modern times, we have since alternated to sustainable, reusable sources of energy to keep up with the high demand for garden lights.
This popularity for the style, type and use for garden lighting for your home dates back to the 18th century, as the importance of the interior was just as important as the exterior. The interior embodies the private, but does that prevent the onlookers and tourists from peering over your garden gate?

Styles of Vintage Garden Lights

Are you looking for practicality, security or beauty for your vintage garden light? Here are some common, stylish and popular choices on the Vinterior platform;

The Industrial Look

The advantage of durable metals and sturdy structures brass and copper garden lights are a great asset to your landscaping. This looks especially great contrasting to the softer hues and textures of vegetation and wood.

The Traditional Look

Disney’s Mary Poppins should inspire you for some great street lighting if it is required on your drive. For the antique, Victorian feel, this is bound to add some flavourful character to your home should it be an older building. This especially suits British domestic architecture.

The Art Deco Look

For the minimalists and the Scandinavian lovers, this is best for those who want simplicity and practicality. This is great for the fanatics of modern styles innovated from the 20th century onwards.