SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products
SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

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Add some excitement and intrigue to your home décor curation with an antique floor mirror from our collection at Vinterior. Filled with nostalgic charm and aged appeal, these floor-standing pieces have stood the test of time, ensuring you curate a home full of character and quality.Often purchased for aesthetic value over practical use, floor-length antique mirrors make for striking statements in an interior. Foxed mirrors propped in a dark corner of a grand room help to bounce the light around while providing an illustrious time-worn patina. Alternatively, a brass-framed antique floor mirror with a stand looks gracious and glamorous in a dressing room arrangement.Sourced by trusted sellers, find high-quality, characterful antique floor mirrors for sale in our collection. Shop sustainably, support sellers and buy large antique floor standing mirrors with confidence from Vinterior today.

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Antique floor mirrors for sale in our marketplace

Carefully chosen by dedicated dealers and trusted sellers, our collection of antique floor mirrors includes high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces from across Europe. From hand-crafted, intricately carved frames from the Victorian and Georgian eras to art deco designs that look achingly contemporary even today. Whether you prop a floor-length antique mirror against a bedroom wall or hang a large foxed-glass antique mirror high up on a wall to bounce light around a hallway, you’ll discover what you’re looking for at Vinterior. Featuring pieces over one hundred years old, our collection contains dozens of dazzling styles to help you curate your home.

Why invest in large antique floor-standing mirrors?

Over the last 100 years, antique furniture has never depreciated in value. In most cases, antique pieces become even more valuable over time, making them an almost failsafe purchase when it comes to decorating your home. With many pieces stemming from over 200 years ago, antique floor mirrors have been passed down through the generations as generous inheritance pieces. Providing a meaningful gift with real-world value after you’re gone/

Here at Vinterior, you will not only find characterful, quality antique floor mirrors but fantastic investment pieces that will last for a lifetime.

How to style an antique floor mirror with a stand

With our antique furniture marketplace, curating your antique floor-standing mirror into your home couldn’t be easier. Pull together a characterful dressing space and partner your brass-framed antique floor mirror with a stand with an antique stool or armchair. If a large antique floor mirror is more your thing, why not prop it next to an antique console table in a hall for maximum impact.

Where to buy antique floor mirrors

It is always advisable to buy antique floor mirrors from a trustworthy marketplace. If you are thinking about purchasing a magnificent antique floor mirror, get in touch with Vinterior. In our marketplace, you will find valuable antique pieces that will last and last. So, go on and explore our antique floor-length mirrors and buy with confidence from trusted sellers in our collections.

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