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Ettore Sottsass Mirror Collection

Style with confidence with the Ettore Sottsass Mirror collection; it's taking social media by storm.

More than an old relic, a colourful iconic mirror model, the pink neon Ultrafragola Mirror has become part of an antique buying trend.

With the perfect match of art and fashion cross-over, today, Ettore's seamless collection is driving more interest towards mid-century pieces and modern contemporary art than ever before. A coincidentally commercial pursuit as if the Memphis Group mirrors have become the latest antique fashion of the future.

Pops of colours, bold frames, and geometric shapes, Ettore's work is dominant, poetic, powerful, and empirical. He taught us that objects could express personality but remain creative and individual. The Ettore Sottsass Mirrors collection provokes radiant energy and spirit.

It wasn't until later that we realised those squiggly lines on the Ultrafragola frame, or the rare IT Totem mirror, partially decorated with delicate white engravings and framed curvaceous bodies, we had already seen before on the TV in the 80s. They were part of a radical design movement to develop a new approach and promote Italian design worldwide.

The Memphis group movement's designs may not be everyone's cup of tea. Still, its creative freedom stands as an inspiration to many designers to create objects that are non-conforming regardless of whether they are trendy or not.

Showing no signs of fading in popularity, these vibrant and eccentric mirrors continue to sell like hotcakes. Shop the collection online today.

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About Ettore Sottsass

For the sentimental collectors, odds are you're already acquainted with the pink neon Ultrafragola Mirror Lamp by Ettore Sottsass; for everyone else, you're likely to connect Ettore with Memphis. Ettore Sottsass Mirror collection is all about the frame. Altar-shaped forms, celebrated femininity, curvy bodies, and pops of colour embody many of his collective postmodern ideas. Seasoned in numerous fields, from sculpture, painting, drawing to architecture ceramics and glassworks and born to an Austrian mother and an Italian father in Austria in 1917, Sottsass spent his earlier years in Milan's capital. After graduating with a degree in architecture, World War II instantly broke out, and Sottsass was forced to join the Italian army. He was taken as a prisoner and carted off to a Yugoslavian concentration camp in the Balkans. After the war finally ended, he moved back to Milan and opened his own architecture and design studio. In 1958 he gained recognition working alongside Olivetti, the Italian manufacturer of computers and office machines. Sottsass and his collobartores won the Compasso d’Oro for Olivetti’s computer, the Elea 9003. In 1969 he released another landmark icon for Olivetti, the Valentine pop red typewriter. During his trips to India and the US, he was enamoured by the pop culture movement and India's vibrant hues and fabrics. On his return, he began experimenting with fibreglass and colour. Sottsass's philosophy embraced creativity and individuality, an expression of the personality of human-centric design. He stood for the right that designers could take the lead to create objects that were non-conforming and showed their expression of personality. His vibrant colours were further popularized in the early 80s when notable Italian designers and architects founded the Memphis Group. The group's aesthetic was bright and bold; some would even acclaim it was damn right awful. Their style and inspiration came straight out from the Art Deco & Pop Art period, designing influential and flamboyant postmodern furniture, ceramics, and lighting. Sottsass's most-iconic designs appeared in the first Memphis collection. The Turin Table tilting mirror, the IT Etrusco mirror unit, and the IT Framed mirror formed part of such a radical range; A-listers and interior designers alike are snapping them up for their selfie pics. Snag a rare wall mirror design by Italian designer Ettore online today; they are guaranteed to add a sense of avant-garde and symmetry of colours to your space. Vinterior is the online marketplace for antiques and carefully curated finds.

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