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Antique Dining Tables and Chairs

Our collection of antique dining tables and chairs showcases the very best of nineteenth century and early twentieth century carpentry. It features intricate work on table and chair legs, chair backs, and carvers. Each piece is special, steeped in history. If it’s master craftsmanship you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.
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Antique dining tables and chairs

Our selection of antique tables and chairs brings you beautiful pieces dating from over 100 years ago. Victorian interiors are well known for their classic elegance, occasionally bordering on the extravagant. The main focal point of any upper-class Victorian dining room was usually the chandelier. If you want to recreate this look in your own dining room, take a look at our collection of antique ceiling lights. Another hallmark of Victorian design is the ornate patterns which can often be found carved into furniture. While browsing our collection, keep an eye out for chair backs carved with curvy lines or natural imagery, like flowers or leaves. You’ll also find tables patterned with a beautiful rich gold inlay around the edges.

Styles antique dining tables and chairs

Our collection of antique dining tables and chairs features several different styles of furniture, but which would suit your home and space best?

Antique Refectory Tables and Chairs

Antique refectory tables are perfect for large spaces, and suit both rustic and formal settings. This is because their humble design was originally intended for monasteries and other institutions but was quickly adopted by the upper classes in order to cater for large numbers at banquets. If you like to entertain, a refectory table could be just what you’re looking for. Pair it with two antique wooden pews or benches to complete the look.

Shaker Furniture

Shaker is a simple, no fuss, no frills design of furniture that originated from the Quaker community on America’s east coast in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With a focus on utility, Shaker tables and chairs are carved from natural wood using clean, straight lines. These sets would suit less modern and more countrified interiors.

Antique drop leaf dining table and chairs

Drop leaf tables have a central panel, and then two additional panels which create a larger surface area when raised. They were first created in the 1600s, during which time they were made in the gate leg style, with table legs supporting the extra panels. Antique drop leaf dining tables and chairs were made popular by the Victorians, who introduced swinging brackets to the design for added space and comfort. The Victorians favoured woods like mahogany and oak for their antique dining tables and chairs. Combine this with some of our beautiful antique cutlery to complete the look, and can even be stored in the table’s cutlery drawer.