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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Dining Chairs

Art Deco Dining Chairs

Glitzy, glamorous and ornate. Art deco dining chairs bring the 20s roaring into your dining room. Giving you a characterful vignette in which to entertain family and friends. Whether you love the typical blacks and golds or the era; crave high backs and clean ornate carvings; adore geometric design, or simply prefer furniture that showcases real attention to detail, you’ll discover it all in our collection at Vinterior.Renowned among design enthusiasts, the art deco era ushered in an age of excess and opulence for the world’s wealthy elites. Noted for their innovative use of marquetry, geometry, and woodwork techniques, art deco dining chairs typify the mood of the pre-crash 1920s. Sourced by trusted sellers, you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces to help you build a unique home right here. Shop the entire collection of art deco-style dining chairs for sale in our marketplace below.

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What are the design features of art deco dining chairs?

Art deco dining chairs bring a celebration of modern life into your home. They pair nicely with our collection of art deco dining tables. Or you could blend your dining room styles. Try antique with more opulent carvings and designs. art deco furniture will give the room a more cohesivelook. And art deco home decor adds those finishing touches. Art deco dining chairs take you right back to the roaring 20s and 30s. The style began in France as a natural successor to art nouveau furniture and soon made its way around the world. It began in response to the changing times. Households had more money and there was a sense of optimism around the end of WWI.
Key features of art deco-style dining chairs include clean lines, geometric shapes and an emphasis on more is more. It’s all about deep, rich colours blended with glitzy ones. Think gold, silver, black, deep blues and emerald greens.

How can I style art deco dining chairs in my home?

Art deco-style dining chairs aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re all about lavish designs and colours paired with quality materials. Art deco can overwhelm a room or it can be daringly bold. Here are some top tips for styling your art deco dining chairs.

  • Stick to a colour scheme. Go with black or dark grey as your base. Layer on some gold and silver - a combination of both is fine when it comes to art deco. And then choose your accent colour. Deep blues, emerald greens, velvety reds or sunny yellows are great choices.
  • Find a table or stool to match. It doesn’t need to be art deco, but using similar materials and colour schemes is best when it comes to choosing pieces to match your art deco dining chairs.
  • Think about the surroundings. Go for opulence with a chandelier over the table. Choose some gorgeous art deco vases to sit on top.

Just remember - the rules are made to be broken. Art deco is all about fun so it’s best not to take it too seriously. Shop all the art deco-style dining chairs for sale in our marketplace above.

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