Antique Round Dining Tables

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As the social hub of the home, the dining table is one of the focal points of family activity. Used as a place to work or for entertaining during formal dining – the dining table should always be flexible to different social situations. Whilst dining tables come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the design is most often dictated by the space available in the home. Rectangular shapes tend to be kept for larger, more expansive areas, while the round dining table is considered the realm of the smaller space within your home. We have a large collection of antique round dining tables on our marketplace to find the perfect table for your dining space. Browse our listings and review our collection of antique round tables from across the centuries.

Why choose antique round dining tables?

Antique round dining tables have a fun and pleasing aesthetic that can often feel more informal than the long rectangular table. This is because the arrangement of the seats around it is somewhat cosier and there is no discernable head and foot of the table.. Antique styles bring age as well as character to a piece and are well preserved to look fresh and modern despite how old the design may be.

Antique round dining tables vary in thickness and shape. They are mostly made of popular wood such as mahogany and maple with inlaid bands and lines as common features. The relative simplicity of the design versus the more ornate and dramatic styles of earlier tables point largely to the era from which they are sourced.

Ornamental legs such as those featured on a 19th century solid cherry table perfectly showcase the grand style of earlier designs. The mid-century Italian minimalism displayed by a table with metal pin style legs points to a rather more simplistic era ful of clean shapes and pared down sophistication.

Benefits of an Antique Round Dining Table

Choosing the right design of dining table as well as the right shape can enable you to make the best use of your dining area. Many homes are changing from the commonly used rectangular dining tables to round tables because of the greater economy of space, without compromising on the social function of the table. The curved edges of antique round dining tables enable easy access to seats and movement can be more straightforward when navigating a round table versus the harsh lines and squared edges of other styles.

Made out of durable materials, antique round dining tables are filled with character and charm and will add a historical touch to your home style to act as a point of interest to guests.

An antique round dining table creates an environment to support the most social of dining and entertaining situations. The feeling of relaxed luxury and comfort created by round dining tables encourage the flow of conversations between guests to deliver a memorable experience.

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