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There’s something singularly satisfying about getting practical, everyday use out of an object created many decades ago. This is especially true when the objects in question are Ercol dining chairs. Placed in the heart of your family and sat on each day as you collect together for meals, these pieces, used as a set or individually, will lend your home a touch of style. A wide range of Ercol furniture can be found on our online marketplace, including one-off chairs, dining tables with chairs and sets of dining chairs. Why not take a look at the vintage Ercol dining chairs on sale at Vinterior, right now?

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When a dining chair is more than just a chair

Ercol dining chairs are elegant enough to work well with many types of dining table, as well as those they’re matched to. Additionally, a well-chosen chair can fit in perfectly as a one-off in a different part of your home. Chalk-painted in clean pastel shades, or stripped back to the wood itself, position them in the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom as a place to sling clothes, bags and books.One of the simplest Ercol dining chairs is model 391, a design that dates from the 1960s. Featuring four spindles to form their backs and with gently moulded seats for comfort, these chairs work well in small spaces, thanks to their very pared back design. More well-known is the Windsor dining chair. This is a bent-wood piece that gained massive popularity through the 1950s as Ercol fine-tuned its steam-bending technique to enable large batches of elm to be bent and shaped. There are various versions of the Windsor; it’s been sold over the years as a fireside chair, a rocking chair, and more.Quaker dining chairs are another Ercol classic enjoyed by contemporary interiors fans. Originally created in 1957, these pieces have elongated, bow backs. Like most Ercol furniture, the lines are all curved on the Quaker dining chair, while the legs are tapered and splayed slightly.As well as these popular dining chair designs, there are also some rarer pieces that may catch your eye. An example is the Butterfly dining chair (design number 401), which, unusually for an Ercol chair, has a back formed from a solid piece of wood. The seat has a slight curve to it for comfort, and like the back, showcases the sheer quality of the wood used by Ercol to create its iconic pieces.

Why choose a vintage Ercol dining chair?

One great thing about opting for vintage, or antique items, is that nobody else will have quite the same pieces as you. It may be that your particular set of six Windsor dining chairs has been updated for a modern look and has paint-dipped legs or perhaps the beautiful wood has been sanded right back to really reveal its grain, and the lightest of waxes has been applied. Whatever has happened on the chairs’ journey to your home over the years, they’ll be unique to you.

You can shop new at Vinterior, too

Ercol is a British brand that continues to trade to this day. Its style remains elegant and understated, closely mirroring the designs of previous years. Whether you’re browsing Vinterior for vintage or contemporary Ercol, you’ll find the same distinctive character and quality.Take your time and enjoy the renovation and upcycling ideas used across our site, with its ever-changing stock of gorgeous furniture. Make us part of your ongoing home improvement project, checking in whether you need some extra inspiration, or you’re looking for a specific piece.