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Mid Century Dining Tables

Take a look through our collection of mid century dining tables and find the newest addition to your dining room. Ranging from large tables to more compact options that feature stacking or nesting, mid century tables and chairs can bring a very understated but functional touch to your home.

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Inspiration behind mid century modern dining tables and chairs

Mid century style has remained popular throughout the years. The elements that make up the style you’ll see in our collection of mid century modern dining table and chairs includes a focus on clean lines, a mix of materials, and often very warm colors.

A major focus of the mid century style is an inclusion of both geometric and organic forms. With the use of materials like wood, metal, plexiglass, and leather, mid century furniture makes use of warm colors and patterns to bring visual interest to a space. Reds, teals, greens, and yellows were commonly incorporated into mid century pieces.

Teak is a popular wood in mid century furniture, as well as mahogany and plastic. Contrasting materials and colours can also be found in many pieces.

Styling mid century dining tables and chairs

Our mid century dining tables and chairs can be featured as a centrepiece to any room, or they can take a slight backseat to other decorative styles in your home. Put your touch on these classic pieces by adding a corner cabinet or a mid century modern floor lamp into the space.

You can pair a mid century dining table and chairs with shelves to tie the space together. Adding some pieces of Mid century art
can also bring a perfect artistic touch to a space. If you’re looking to bring a particularly striking touch to a room, consider adding a cocktail cabinet. This chic staple of the style can help to round out your dining space fully.

Mid century dining tables and chairs from Vinterior

No matter the kind of mid century dining table and chairs you’re looking for, whether you’re on the search for an all metal masterpiece or a warm table made of wood, Vinterior is the place to look. As a curated marketplace for vintage furniture lovers, you can browse thousands of pieces by adjusting the search functions to what you’re looking for.

Our easy to search selection of furniture makes it simple to find the next addition to your home. You can find the understated mid century dining table of your dreams from small local UK businesses or international boutiques. The focal point of your dining space is here at Vinterior, where we do the hard work of curating the mid century pieces you’re looking for.