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Dining Tables And Chairs

Teak Dining Table And Chairs

Dining together is one of the joys of family life. What could be better than hosting a dinner party, or getting a group of friends or family together to enjoy a special meal? Having a dining table and chairs that is elegant and yet perfectly suited to your space is essential. Explore Vinterior today and discover the perfect teak dining table and chairs for your home.

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Teak dining tables and chairs in the home

Dining tables have been in existence for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks and Romans loved banqueting, and were known for their use of very large rectangular tables, a style that allowed the head of the household to sit at the top, surveying those below him.Eventually, the Romans brought in the concept of the round dining table into homes – a more informal way to dine as a family group with no distinct “head”. The famous “round table” of King Arthur is one example of this more equal way of dining.Over time, of course, dining tables have always been the focal point of family and social life. Through the Regency period and into the Victorian era, dining tables and chairs developed highly embellished features and decorations that made them not only functional but also decorative items.Even today, a lot of thought and effort is put into designing these practical furniture items that are also capable of filling your dining room with style and sophistication.

Why choose a vintage teak dining table and chairs?

Teak is a wonderfully solid and robust wood, and makes for a strong and durable dining set while also adding a natural and warm touch to any space.Antique and vintage teak dining sets come in several shapes and sizes. Many are traditionally rectangular in shape, although others are round or even oval. Some even have additional leaves which can extend the table to accommodate more diners while saving space in the home.The majority of teak dining table and chair sets are simple and minimalist without compromising on elegance and style. With clean lines and a sophisticated look, they are ideal for any modern dining room. Look out for mid-century Danish options in teak by the likes of Hans Olsen or Niels Otto Moller. Brands like G Plan are particularly well known for working in teak during the 1950s and 60s.While it’s still possible to buy a teak dining set from modern stores, contemporary pieces lack the authentic character and personality of a vintage or antique set. With beautiful craftsmanship and a timeless design, you can be sure that choosing a genuine classic teak dining table and chairs will bring a sense of history into your home which simply can’t be replicated.Modern dining tables and chairs are often made from flimsy materials and won’t stand the test of time. When you select an antique or vintage piece, you can be sure that your furniture will grace your dining room for many more years to come.

Find a teak dining table and chairs at Vinterior

Whether you are furnishing a dedicated dining room, a lounge/diner or a large family kitchen, you can be sure that a vintage or antique teak dining table and chairs from Vinterior will look fantastic in your space. The ideal way to express your unique and eclectic personal sense of style, our genuine classic pieces are a stunning addition to your home.Explore the Vinterior website today and find the ideal vintage and antique furniture that will inspire you to create the home of your dreams.

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