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Choosing your dining room furniture is always a big decision. Give your dining area a vintage feel by getting yours from Vinterior. We have an incredible range of retro mid-century chairs made in a variety of designs. The teak Danish style with leather bottoms and backs are very popular and prominent but among this diverse selection are splashes of chrome and space age. No matter the vision you have for your space we are sure you will find something that suits your needs. Retro furniture spans many periods, tastes and styles, so there is sure to be something to suit your home. Enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of retro dining chairs today.

Find A Seat At The Table With Retro Dining Chairs

Retro furniture takes on many forms, harking back to past eras of design while adding an element of freshness and fun. Taking into account comfort, style and practicality, the Danish teak design style from designers like Benny Linden are a classic example of retro’s flair for function and fashion. Other, similar designs feature elements like woollen upholstery on seating and beautiful wooden backs. The Scandi influence is found throughout retro furniture, offering a curvy yet utilitarian style, which is very much on trend.

For a more alternative and edgy look you could go for the teak retro dining chairs with leather and faux leather upholstery or some stackable ply and steel seating. These are hallmarks of retro mid-century style: practical and industrial with an ability to fit right into any space. Chairs from designers like Archie Shine and Erik Buch come with their own stories and are classic examples of our restored furniture that still has marks from the past, giving it that extra bit of character.

The space age feel is also present in a lot of the chairs in our catalogue. Whether that is in the atomic era swivel chairs in bold colours like red and orange or the mid-century modernist chrome chairs with small back rests, there is a unique style to be found. These could add to a particular theme you have going on or be part of an eclectic mix of furniture. Iconic British furniture company Ercol is also a great choice for you if the retro vibe is what you are looking for.

The Best Of Retro Dining Chairs

Take your pick from the best of vintage and retro furniture. There is an eclectic mix available in our catalogue and we are sure you will find something that catches your eye. There are many benefits to buying retro. Giving something a new lease of life is highly satisfying and you will feel that every time you sit down to have a meal. Also, some of the styles of the past have come back in a big way so this is a great way of marrying cutting edge design with the class and sophistication that comes with buying an authentic, vintage piece.

Dine in Style With Vinterior

Whatever it is you are looking for, at Vinterior there is a truly diverse collection. There are certain styles and designs in a variety of colours so you will never be short of choice. We have something for all personalities and tastes, including vintage, antique, retro and even contemporary and bespoke pieces. Every piece here is unique and full of character, so have a good browse to find your fit.

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