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Retro Dining Chairs            

Pay homage to some fantastic styles and timeless classics from the past with our stunning collection of retro dining chairs. With colours, patterns and designs to suit every taste and budget, there’s something for everyone in our impressive online marketplace.

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  • What are retro dining chairs?

    Retro design was popular in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and here at Vinterior we have a fine collection of unique retro dining chairs for every occasion. You’ll find the typical beautiful craftsmanship found in retro furniture as well.

    Looking for bright colours and exotic patterns? Think 1960s retro. If you’re into large, chunky and bold designs in dark greens and earthy browns then check out our 1970s retro dining chairs. Or love a colourful, flamboyant look? Browse our 1980s collection. You’ll find country designs, uniform patterns and cute teal and mauve coloured florals.

  • Retro dining chairs for sale

    Finding it difficult to locate the perfect retro dining chairs to complete your home? At Vinterior we do the hard work for you. We offer an array of retro dining chairs from around the world, featuring work from some of the best international designers. Think Marcel Breuer, Pieff, Bruno Rey and Ercol Quaker to name a few. Take a peek at our entire collection and discover exquisite retro leather dining chairs available in a variety of styles, size and colour. We cover a range of budgets too.

    Looking for even more? Other popular choices include folding chairs, pew style weathered wood and newly upholstered retro dining chairs.

    Retro dining chairs UK

    At Vinterior, we source our retro dining chairs from a community of antique stores and small local boutiques. They can be found all over the UK, Europe and the US. Choose from over 1800 boutique furniture sellers and discover a gorgeous assortment of pieces hand-picked by our team of experts.

    Our retro dining chairs UK come in all shapes and sizes, and a range of materials. We’ve got teak, oak and rosewood which are rich and durable, as well as alternative materials such as chrome, velvet and gold. A real favourite are our plastic retro chairs, as well as our 1950s dining chairs.

    How to style your retro dining chairs

    Our retro dining chairs can be a centrepiece for your room, but how about pairing them with one of our retro dining tables? There’s more good news. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to match your space. Select from oval, round and square tables. Or try an extendable one for smaller dining rooms and homes.

    Fancy a matching set? Head on over to our mid century mid century modern dining tables and chairs collection and pick up a complete set. Pick from retro smoked glass tables and chairs sets to some wonderful rosewood, bamboo, rattan and space age options.