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Upcycled Wardrobes

An upcycled wardrobe could be the perfect addition to your bedroom. You can make your wardrobe as stylish as your clothes with a unique wardrobe that oozes character and one that nobody else has. Whether you want a hand painted wardrobe that will catch the eye or a bare distressed wardrobe that adds character and history to your bedroom, there’s a good chance you’ll find one that you’ll fall in love with here on our online marketplace. Our website is full of wonderful items from both the past and present and will save you time in hunting down different craftsmen who share your interior design visions. So, explore the collection now.

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  • What is an upcycled wardrobe?

    Upcycling furniture involves reviving discarded pieces that are severely damaged or broken and transforming them into new items of furniture – often more bold and characterful than the originals. As the starting point of each upcycling project is undefined and the process itself is highly versatile, the appearance of upcycled furniture, including upcycled wardrobes, can be very different.Browse our collection and you will see that upcycled products vary from wardrobes that have simply been repainted and had features such as handles replaced, while others have undergone a more thorough transformation. Take, for example, a set of old school or factory lockers that have been redesigned, repurposed and given a new lease of life as a set of wardrobes in an industrial-style bedroom.

  • Why buy upcycled wardrobes?

    Sometimes when you shop around for a new piece of furniture, you cannot find one that suits your taste and the personal interior you’re building inside your home. This is where upcycled furniture is a great benefit. As we already mentioned, upcycling produces many different styles and aesthetics. Once you have found sellers that share your vision, you can get furniture that is not only perfect for you, it is only for you! An upcycled item is a unique product that you’re not going to see in every other home you visit. It’s for your daily enjoyment only.This additional charm can serve to lift your interior design and provide you with a truly unique finish to your home. Whether you are a fan of shabby chic décor and want a wardrobe that is distressed and full of character or you want to bring a pop of colour to an otherwise calm and mellow bedroom, there are many upcycled wardrobes to fit your tastes. Not only will you be achieving a stunning look in your bedroom, you will also be adding to the sustainability of your home when you buy upcycled pieces – helping to reduce your contribution to landfill.

  • Like What You Hear?

    If you like the thought of a chic upcycled wardrobe or a quirky design to wake up to each morning, then look no further than our website. The Vinterior marketplace offers some phenomenal work by expert craftspeople and artisan furniture makers. On the other hand, if you’re not sure if an upcycled wardrobe is for you just yet, have a browse of the selection and see if any styles take your fancy. The different upcycled wardrobes you find may help you decide, or they could ignite some creative flare of your own.

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