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A shabby chic sideboard can be the perfect addition to any room in your home, thanks to the aesthetic appeal and calming, classy finish they provide. The shabby chic trend has grown tremendously in popularity over recent years, perhaps because it blends so beautifully with many other styles. Whether it’s a stylish mid-century piece that is a little bit worn or an industrial artefact that is fashionably rusted, shabby chic appears to be something of an umbrella term for items that add character and intrigue to the home. From the more ornate and classical pieces through to the industrial and contemporary, browse through our vast range here at Vinterior to find your unique shabby chic sideboard today.

Why choose a shabby chic sideboard?

Soft palettes, rustic woods and a well-loved feel are all hallmarks of the shabby chic style. This is furniture which wears the marks of its heritage proudly for all to see. This gives shabby chic furniture an unmistakable sense of character, and this is certainly true when it comes to a statement piece like a shabby chic sideboard.

Sideboards are, by their nature, items that are off to one side. Rarely used as central statement pieces they are intended to complement the other furniture in the room and enhance a look, while performing an important function. Natural wood finishes are common in shabby chic pieces, though many upcycled shabby chic sideboards have been updated to possess a thoroughly modern and dramatic charm. A buffet sideboard is an elegant and classy addition to any dining room. Like many shabby chic sideboards, these pieces have been softly painted in neutral tones which balance out the use of rustic wood beautifully.

An industrial shabby chic sideboard is another great option. Pieces such as those by designers like Korab make the perfect addition to any contemporary space thanks to their sleek iron frame. This features alongside a clean silhouette of meticulously finished wood, and ample storage. When placed in any contemporary dining area, the sophisticated look of an industrial sideboard can help to add a bit of personality to a space that might otherwise feel too serious or clinical.

Alternatively, a classic chiffonier sideboard is perfect for the bedroom. Chic sophistication allows this sideboard style to add something calming and alluring to the cosiest room in your house. Some of its typical features including distressed wood and a light, cooling finish. Whatever style you choose, a shabby chic sideboard will also provide plenty of storage, offering a clear practical purpose.

Why shop with Vinterior?

Character, quality and history are what you’ll find within the Vinterior collection. Each of our many thousands of pieces exudes its own individual charm – whether it’s a vintage item with decades of history behind it or an artisan piece by a young designer.

We sell new, too

If the contemporary is what you seek, then Vinterior is the perfect place to conduct your search. We provide many newer items of furniture alongside our wide selection of ornate, rustic and antique pieces to ensure no one has to compromise on their choice.

If you’re looking for the perfect sideboard for your home, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by the Vinterior collection today and don’t miss out on a piece that could help to transform your home.

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