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Shabby Chic Sideboards      

Tackle clutter the elegant way with our beautiful shabby chic sideboards. Create French chateau, English country kitchen and cool Scandi-inspired spaces with these high-quality pieces that ooze gentle sophistication. Dress your new shabby chic sideboard with beautiful objects in muted hues, vases of flowers and old photos to capture the ‘lived-in’ shabby chic style in your home.

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Harnessing the romance of shabby chic sideboards

Our statement making shabby chic sideboards perfectly capture the well worn aesthetic of this interior trend. Find huge painted dressers alongside more compact units in our collection.

Love designer furniture? Pick out an elegant painted cupboard by popular British manufacturer Younger. Or perhaps a mid-century chest created by Czech design wizard Jiří Jiroutek, famous for his understated U-450 furniture.

Our range also features plenty of upcycled and repurposed styles to help you create that coveted shabby chic look in your home. These pieces have been lovingly sanded, treated, scrubbed and rubbed to reach that distressed finish that’s key to forming a shabby chic interior.

Handy storage solutions

Need somewhere for all those household bits and bobs? Our shabby chic sideboards have plenty of cupboards, shelves and drawers to hide away all your stuff. A large sideboard with lots of compartments is great for the kitchen – use the wide drawers for cutlery, utensils and linen, and the shelving at the very top for your prettiest glassware.

In hallways and smaller spaces, a narrow sideboard is ideal for showing off family photos, plates and ornaments. Bedrooms, too, make fantastic homes for our shabby chic sideboards. If you love this style, cast an eye over our wardrobes and bedside tables and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Muted, subtle shades

Light grey, pale blue and dusty pink. Shabby chic furniture is often in paler hues. Whites, creams and pastels are also common in the style.

Check out our cream, ivory and white shabby chic sideboards to capture a dreamy look for your home. In some styles, wood is covered in chalk paint to create a cloud-like finish. Other white shabby chic sideboards are embellished with fancy engravings and intricate metal door and drawer handles, to combine the grandeur of chateau style with the understated, rustic aesthetic of shabby chic.

Curly, swirly shapes

Shabby chic sideboards embrace a romantic, opulent style with ornate patterns often based on floral or leaf imagery. Amongst our stunning sideboards, look for details such as hand painted sections, pretty panelling and curved legs and feet. Enamelled or cut-out sections, marble tops and metal detailing also contribute to the overall look.

Need to decorate a sideboard? In our marketplace you’ll find plenty of accessories and ornaments to help you tap into the shabby chic aesthetic. Browse our pots and planters, clocks and vases to find your treasure and to decorate your furniture according to your personal style.

Shabby chic sideboard UK

Our shabby chic sideboards UK come in all shapes and sizes. And from a community of sellers from the UK and beyond. We work with professional vendors who know their stuff and only trade in the very best furniture. It’s like the best antiques shop you’ve ever visited, but online.