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Storage is a key factor of any home. It’s a vital part of making sure our homes stay free from clutter and chaos, helping it stay neat and tidy for longer. But storage isn’t just a practical consideration, it also has the potential to be an attractive design element in its own right. When we think of storage, many of us automatically conjure images of wardrobes, chests of drawers and sideboards. While these are all useful home additions, a locker offers the chance to bring something really unique. Take a look at some of the eye-catching vintage lockers available right here at Vinterior.

Vintage lockers – a simple way to add industrial flair

By using materials such as steel, wire, pine and scaffolding, vintage lockers represent everything that is great and unique about industrial furniture design. Vintage industrial design is all about having the courage to bare it all, celebrating the elements of furniture which other styles try to hide. By exposing what lies beneath the surface of furniture, industrial design has garnered a well-deserved reputation for raw, edgy excellence.

Exposing structural elements and using mechanical materials allows industrial style to create a look which feels both unfinished and yet effortlessly chic and cohesive. It’s this sleekness which modern industrial furniture often focuses on, blurring the line between industrial and minimalism. When it comes to vintage industrial design however, the rustic charm is present for all to see. Vintage industrial furniture such as lockers are often upcycled and repurposed from their original commercial use, providing any home with a striking piece of history.

Using vintage lockers in your home

Wear and tear is what gives a vintage locker its industrial charm. True to the vintage industrial style, many lockers have their history written all over them, having been originally used for commercial purposes such as filing systems, locker room storage, pigeon holes, gym lockers and wire mesh compartments.

If character is what you’re looking for, then these elements ensure that vintage lockers possess character in spades. If you’re bold enough to take the plunge, an industrial historical locker can act as a brave statement piece in any hallway, bathroom or kitchen. If your home or apartment already contains elements of the industrial style, a locker can help to bring these elements together with a strong focal point. Consider using a locker as storage for documentation in a home office, or as quirky shoe storage in your entrance hall. You could even include a vintage industrial locker in your dining room as an unusual way to display drinks and mixers.

Find vintage lockers at Vinterior

Sourcing an authentic vintage locker for your home can feel like a difficult task. Luckily, you’ll find all the designs you could ever need right here at Vinterior. Our collection of furniture includes many thousands of premium and completely unique pieces from more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers.

We specialise in vintage, antique, retro and upcycled furniture with plenty of character and charm. Every item in our collection has its own fascinating story to tell. We even house many contemporary pieces with all the quality of vintage furniture, so there really is something for everyone.

Discover just how stylish a vintage locker can be by exploring the Vinterior collection today. You’re sure to get inspired by the sheer range of items available.