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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Chests Of Drawers

Walnut Chest of Drawers

An essential bit of storage for your home, chests of drawers can be perfect functional pieces for your bedroom, study, living room, or sunroom. With a smattering of sophistication, Vinterior’s curated collection of walnut chests of drawers provide well-built durable furniture that are perfect for the busy modern home. From 19th century dark walnut chests of drawers to more mid-century modern chic, this beautiful wood simply gets better with age. A beautiful tactile patina is sure to turn heads.Go for storage that shines with a solid walnut chest of drawers from our collection. With pieces spanning the centuries in all shapes and sizes, there’s sure to be something to suit your interior vision here at Vinterior.Walnut combines durability and strength with a fluidity and richness that makes it the perfect choice for resilient storage. Handpicked by our experts from a community of over 1,800 trusted sellers, source your dream walnut chest of drawers today.

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Why choose a walnut tall chest of drawers?

Walnut is loved around the world for its rich, warm hue, lasting durability and luxurious looking finish. It’s an adaptable wood that lends itself perfectly to making furniture which is why you’ll find every kind of walnut furniture. From drawers to dressers and beds to bookshelves, walnut has a distinct grain, and its colour depends on the part of the tree that’s been made to use the furniture. Colours vary from light honey to chocolate brown, with rich streaks of red and even purple hues shining through. Walnut is also known to lighten in colour over time. All these properties give solid walnut chests of drawers a special character that’s hard to find in modern furniture.

What to look for in a walnut chest of drawers?

If getting the most storage from your walnut drawers is your priority, look for tall walnut chests of drawers and chest on chest styles. These stack drawers on top of drawers for maximum storage that doesn’t take up too much floor space. Walnut bureaus and writing desks incorporate drawers with surfaces to write or study at, making them a great choice for small home offices or dining rooms. Mid-20th century designs are typically understated and simple, so they’re best for modern rooms where you don’t want a traditional, more formal look. But if that’s your bag, look out for wide 19th century chests with intricate detailing and opulent finishing touches like gilded handles.

How to style walnut chests of drawers

Drawers are most common in the bedroom, but that’s not to say they can’t be used elsewhere in the home for easy storage. Chests of drawers in the dining or living room are eye-catching and give you more storage in places that typically don’t have much. Walnut chests of drawers give you the perfect surface space for home accessories which can complete the look of your room. They’re also a good spot for lamps and vintage plant pots. Putting a textured wall hanging or art print above a chest of drawers is a great way to elevate its look and turn your drawers into a statement instead of just an essential piece of furniture.

Walnut chests of drawers in the U.K.

At Vinterior, we have a wide selection of walnut chests of drawers U.K. that are elegant and luxurious and provide useful storage. Buying walnut chests of drawers from Vinterior is a more sustainable choice than buying new walnut furniture. It also means your drawers have history and character that’s totally unique. If your walnut drawers show signs of wear, a polisher can remove imperfections so your drawers look as dazzling as the day they were made. And by buying second hand from Vinterior, you know you are getting genuine walnut furniture that has been well crafted. Search by size, period and price to find your ideal walnut drawers from the comfort of your settee. Looking for even more? Have a browse of our full selection of vintage chests of drawers

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