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Some items of furniture are exceptionally versatile. This is the case for vintage metal cabinets. Their multifunctional uses and aesthetic allure can be a phenomenal addition to many different rooms. Here at Vinterior we love items that have been repurposed, refreshed or reimagined as they pass from one phase of their life to the next – and from one owner to the next. Here at Vinterior you will find lots of different types of furniture from different periods, encompassing different styles and features. We only work with recognised boutiques and dealers, so you can be assured of authenticity and quality when purchasing through us. Why don’t you check out what’s currently listed, right now?

A vintage metal cabinet: what’s it all about?

When you buy any vintage item, you will notice it shows signs of wear. These pieces of furniture can be nearly a century old and some of them can look it. A vintage metal cabinet may be dented, marked or even show signs of rust. These may sound like negatives but in reality they don’t have to be.

A vintage metal cabinet may have originated from doctor’s offices or industrial settings. As the name suggests, these are predominantly made from metal. Some of the cabinets may have an open front, some may encase their contents with metal doors and others may even have a glass front. The inside of the cabinet may be pigeon hole storage, or it may contain shelving. When the cabinet has a glass front, this shelving is usually also made from glass.

Why buy a vintage metal cabinet?

A vintage metal cabinet can be used for many things. You may choose one to decorate your dining room or entrance hallway. They could also be a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen, especially ones with glass fronts that show off their contents. Overall, they are versatile items that can be useful all around your home.

Browse our listings and you may find a 1960s filing cabinet that would work beautifully in your industrial-style home office as a place to store all of your paperwork. Alternatively, you may find a vintage narrow pigeon hole metal cabinet that works perfectly in your bathroom, using each individual section to hold a different type of toiletry or make-up. You may even find that this type of piece works better in your shabby chic kitchen as a well-organised setup for your spices or grocery storage.

When you choose to buy a vintage metal cabinet, you make an environmentally friendly decision. This is because you opt for old materials rather than increase the demand for new products and new materials. This is especially beneficial when you veer away from mass-produced items that emit a lot of harmful gasses during manufacturing.

Despite the imperfections commonly found on vintage items, these can add to the charm and character of them. They will stand out as being older pieces of furniture with an interesting past and possibly even a backstory. Guests will be intrigued about your unique item and they can become conversational starters. Not to mention that these older ones may become rare and more valuable.

Vintage metal cabinets come in different styles due to the broad time period that the term “vintage” covers. This makes it easier to find a unique item that already matches the style of your current interior. You won’t need to change other furnishings to make a vintage metal cabinet fit your home.

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If you would like to take advantage of the features and benefits just listed, you can start browsing to see what vintage metal cabinets are currently available today. The listings often change so whenever you visit our online marketplace there will always be lots of exciting new pieces for you to investigate.