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After selecting the perfect bed and mattress, the next most important furniture addition has to be the wardrobe. As a place to store your clothes, footwear and accessories your wardrobe choice simply shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a result, there are many things to consider before making your purchase – including, of course, storage capacity. As well as defining the space on offer from the wardrobe, it’s got to look the part, too. With bedroom interior design schemes more daring and on-trend than ever, this vital furniture piece can help you carry on the theme further, consolidating the design elements that make your look. The industrial style has become popular in bedrooms of all sizes today. Nailing industrial chic however isn’t as simple as it seems, with the rustic, rugged and relaxed aesthetic difficult to achieve for many. Get every last detail right when recreating this distinctive style in your master suite, bedroom or guest room by shopping our industrial wardrobes today.

Why choose industrial wardrobes?

Despite industrial interior design taking inspiration from the industrial revolution some 200 years ago, it wasn’t until the late 2000s that the trend really took a foothold in popular culture. Within the space of a decade after its introduction onto the interior design scene, however, the style managed to transform the interiors in cityscapes around the world. In recent years, it is hard to find a loft-style apartment or swanky eatery without a touch of industrial chic. So, it is understandable that you may want your bedroom to feature the same cool, urban vibe.

With steel, iron and other metals at their peak during the industrial revolution, it’s no surprise that these materials form the basis of many of our industrial wardrobe options. These metals were widespread in old warehouses and factories. In our homes, the same materials add that engineered element that represents the industrial look to a tee.

The tall industrial locker style is a popular choice for many people looking to incorporate industrial metals into their bedroom. Vintage pieces are often lifted straight from the factory floor or even from schools and can be used to give a very impactful edge to your bedroom. The option to have a multi-door design also means that these items provide the hanging space needed to make them an excellent storage solution, too.

If an all-metal wardrobe is too much for you, distressed wooden wardrobes may be more appropriate. White washed scaffolding boards are becoming a popular option for those who want to bring a natural sophistication to their space. In a room that features textured cushions and throws, this industrial finish can even help you to achieve a Scandinavian style – such as the on-trend “Hygge” style.

It’s not just steel, wood and iron you’ll find in our collection of industrial furniture. Increasingly copper is being used on handles and hinges to add colour and texture. Some even use a mixture of wood and metal to merge industrial with organic for an ultra-cool finish.

Why vintage?

As you’ll see from our industrial wardrobe range, we love vintage. Most of our products are either vintage, antique, used or refurbished to add that extra touch of character to your bedroom. Buying a piece with a rich history and its own backstory will undoubtedly give you greater satisfaction than making a mass-market purchase from your local high street shop.

Of course, there are many contemporary and upcycled items from artisan furniture makers featured on our site, too. But what all our listings have in common is a commitment to quality and a sense of identity.

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