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Is your hallway in need of a little love? With a few well-chosen pieces of vintage hallway furniture, you can easily give it a new lease of life. When decorating a house, there are some rooms that just seem to fill themselves. Living rooms need sofas, bedrooms need beds, and dining rooms need tables and chairs. But what are you supposed to put in your hallway? In many houses they just seem to become nothing spaces, filled with all those pieces you couldn't fit anywhere else. How are you meant to create a distinctive, attractive hallway that has its own unique personality?

Large or Small hallway furniture at Vinterior

The solution is vintage hallway furniture. At Vinterior, we have a huge collection of beautiful historical pieces that are bursting with character, and which are specially designed to fit into hallways of all shapes, sizes and design aesthetics. Visit our website today to see this varied collection for yourself.

What to look for in vintage hallway furniture storage

The key to successful interior design in any room is consistency, and this is doubly true when it comes to decorating the hallways of your home. Too often hallways are just filled with whatever extra options you need, but couldn't fit anywhere else, like random bookcases, chest of drawers and ottomans. This higgledy-piggledy approach results in hallways that have no cohesion, which is the one thing a hallway needs above all else.

When selecting hallway furniture therefore, you need to carefully consider the available space, and what kind of atmosphere you want to create in it. If you want to make it feel colourful and bohemian, for example, choose rustic carved wood objects for your console tables, drawers and sideboards, and then accessorise with oriental style rugs and picture frames. If you want something more elegant, choose one material and time period for your furniture, like mid-century modernist designs in teak, to create a strong and charming aesthetic.

Why choose vintage hallway furniture?

The benefits of choosing vintage hallway furniture goes far beyond creating a strong design aesthetic however. The main reason we at Vinterior are so in love with antique and artisan furniture is its character and history. No two pieces of vintage hallway furniture are the same. They might both be art deco pieces, made from the same material, but whereas one has lived in the same house since its creation, passed through generations of a single family, another may have had a dozen owners, being sold into different homes of different styles. Modern furniture simply doesn't possess this kind of legacy.

Another reason to buy vintage hallway furniture is its proven durability. Some of the items in the Vinterior collection are thirty, forty, fifty years old, or much older, yet they're still standing strong after all these years, which is a true testament to the expert craftsmanship that went into them.

We love new and upcycled hallway furniture, too

Vinterior's hallway furniture range also features a lot of repurposed or upcycled items, which have been lovingly restored to their former brilliance, or given an entirely new look, by a few dedicated restorers. This careful reuse of old furniture and materials makes filling your hallway with vintage furniture one of the greenest ways to decorate.

Why shop for historical antique hallway furniture at Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we sell pieces from only verified, reputable sellers, so that our customers can trust that a piece of furniture from Vinterior is of the highest quality. There are a thousand ways to bring a little historical character to your hallway, and you'll find them all in the Vinterior collection.