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A useful piece of furniture that can be used in any room around the house, the chest of drawers offers practical storage. Although it’s available in many different colours and finishes, a black chest of drawers offers a certain sophistication and style. From the glamour of vintage Hollywood to lacquered Oriental designs, black furniture can be an elegant touch. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a great assortment of black chest of drawers together with co-ordinating accessories. Browse through our online marketplace today and discover some of the incedible antique and vintage chests of drawers within our listings.

Black chest of drawers: how to use in your home

From antiques to retro vintage style, chest of drawers are available in everything from shabby chic distressed oak to space age style. Whatever type of decor you have in your home, you’ll find a chest of drawers to suit. However, you might not previously have considered black furniture which can be both antique or retro.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, why not consider a sleek 1950s Danish unit in teak, repainted in matt black to look extra chic. Alternatively, an antique Victorian pine chest of drawers will add a little bit of period style – particularly if painted with a sleek Annie Sloan “graphite” paint. You’ll often seen these units with contrast handles to help catch the eye further. If you are wondering whether black furniture could work in your home, here’s just a few reasons to try it:

On-trend styling

Although you might be purchasing vintage pieces, black retro furniture is one of the hottest looks which is right on-trend. Furnish a contemporary home with items that offer quality from the past and you’ll uncover a distinctive and unique look. Flick through the Vinterior marketplace and you’ll find inspiration on how to create fashion-forward looks in your decor using retro black furniture.

A focal point

Every room tends to have a focal point, such as the fireplace in a traditional living room. When there’s no obvious feature, the room can appear bland and directionless. Black furniture can fill the void, creating a statement that pulls the rest of the decor together.

Balancing out the decor

If you already have a dominant focal point in the room, it can overpower the rest of the furniture and create a look which isn’t particularly balanced. Black furniture such as a chest of drawers can counteract and balance a strong single feature, creating a more harmonious design in the room.

Complements all styles

Although black is a strong look it’s also surprisingly neutral and will work with lots of other different styles of decor. This allows you to add statement pieces such as a large chest of drawers to transform your room without having to replace the entire decor.

Won’t crowd the space

If your room is compact, you might be inclined to avoid black furniture because of the perception that dark finishes will make your room look smaller. However, black items are visually deceptive and can appear to take up less space than more traditional furniture. Providing you couple it with lighter accents, it will actually help the room appear to have more space.

Shop for a black chest of drawers with Vinterior

If you are feeling inspired to check out black furniture, Vinterior can help you with your choice. From black wood to polished gloss, we’ve got a wide variety of black chest of drawers and other furniture to complement all the rooms in your home. Take a look at our online catalogue today and find out more!