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In any living room with a fireplace, an overmantle or over-mantle mirror is almost a necessity. The lasting image of the Victorian parlour has a large and elegant mirror hanging in pride of place over the hearth. Even today, many homeowners have subscribed to this enduring memory, including large mirrors over their own mantlepiece as a vital element of their front rooms. Browse the listings here at Vinterior today and you’ll be sure to find Victorian overmantle mirrors to suit your living room.

Victorian overmantle mirrors: a reflection

The mirror as we recognise it today has been in existence since the Middle Ages and by the 18th century the wall mirror had become a family essential rather than a luxury reserved only for royalty and the aristocracy.

Although all mirrors from their earliest days up to the modern day have been made primarily to serve a functional purpose, they have very obvious decorative benefits. Even the Ancient Egyptians’ mirrors were made with detailed embellishments and ornate carvings, and over the intervening centuries, aesthetics have been just as important when making mirrors as their practical function.

By the time Britain entered the Victorian era, the idea of placing a mirror above the mantelpiece was a widely accepted way to furnish a living room – adding light and beauty. Created to not only reflect light back into the traditionally dark parlour or dining room, these large mirrors also created the illusion of additional space and added an extra touch of sophistication to the room.

Key features of Victorian overmantle mirrors

Although Victorian overmantle mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, their over-riding hallmark is their size. Designed to dominate the space and take up almost the entire width of the fireplace, Victorian overmantle mirrors are generally over-sized and eye-catching.

Most are also highly ornate, with carved detailing, embellishments and decorative shapes designed to draw the eye and form a focal point of the room. Of course, oval and rectangular mirrors very much in evidence, however some Victorian overmantle mirrors feature unusual styling, with additional panels or curved edges that add extra aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple way to create an eye-catching focal point in your room or whether you long to bring an authentic touch of Victoriana into your home, Victorian overmantle mirrors are the ideal solution.

Over-sized, dramatic and ornate, a Victorian overmantle mirror will add new light and life into any space of your home, reflecting an amazing heritage and an illustrious past that simply cannot be found reflected in any modern mirror. Within the Vinterior collection you might find examples of large glitwood mirrors with fine decorations and a rich golden colour. Alternatively, look out for a grand mahogany frame featuring multiple mirrors with bevelled glass.

Find Victorian overmantle mirrors at Vinterior

Vinterior specialises in sourcing and providing an amazing range of antique and vintage items that bring a sense of the past into any modern home. You’re sure to be inspired by our outstanding collection of stunning Victorian overmantel mirrors which have been lovingly preserved. You’ll discover the perfect mirror for your home in our impressive range.

Explore our webste website today you are sure to find an eye-catching and awe-inspiring selection of gorgeously decorative Victorian overmantle mirrors. We know you’ll be delighted by what you see.

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