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Whether you are looking to add new depth to your design scheme, you’re craving the light-refracting qualities of glass, or you want to introduce a little period charm to your home, Victorian mirrors are an excellent choice. Naturally, most mirrors from this era wear the signs of decades of use but the gentle scatter of scratches and softly worn patinas only add to the look. Explore the range of Victorian mirrors currently on sale on our marketplace and be sure to make regular visits as the products listed on our website constantly changes. As a result, there is always fresh inspiration to be found – from both the lovingly renovated antiques and the stunning contemporary furniture featured.

Why choose Victorian mirrors?

The Victorians embraced many styles of interior design while their beloved queen was on the throne. From the Neo-classical to the highly decorative, and the geometric to the later Art Nouveau, mirrors from every decade survive to today. The sheer diversity of styles is down in part to the new money that was generated by the Industrial Revolution. Additionally, as different echelons of society began to merge, the middle classes gradually began to demand the opulent items previously only enjoyed by aristocracy. Mirrors were objects imbued with real significance during this period. Screaming luxury rather than necessity, and frequently taking centre stage in a home’s design scheme, the Victorians used mirrors to signal success and wealth.

A Victorian overmantle mirror, generously proportioned in dark gloss wood, is designed to rest on the mantle itself, rather than hang on the wall above. A piece like this is a fantastic addition to any living room. Bouncing light across the room, this accessory will seem to increase your space, framing different design aspects of the interior, depending on where you are sitting. If you are hoping to create an uber-feminine look, a delicately-designed bevel-edge mirror could be ideal. With minimal wood used, these pieces are highly ornate, with intricate flourishes and floral detailing dancing around their edges as a frame-without-a-frame. Age spots and missing silvering add to the ethereal feel.

Early Victorian gilt mirrors, particularly oval ones, complete with highly detailed carved frames, bring unquestionable glamour to bedrooms. For a more masculine effect, a geometric mirror, perhaps with mosaic tiles or bevelled panes worked into the design, can fit nicely into almost any room. Or, how about the perennially popular Art Nouveau mirror? This style, often executed in brass, features stylised floral designs and ‘whiplash’ ribbon-like curves.

As well as wall mirrors of all sizes and shapes, the Art Nouveau look was often applied to hand mirrors, which make as pretty an addition to the modern dressing table as they did the Victorian one.

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There’s something about buying vintage or handcrafted furniture that delivers more satisfaction than a standardised, mass-produced item. It could be the quality of the materials, the care that’s gone into the making process, or the thought that you are investing in something truly unique. Either way, one-off antiques, lovingly restored or repurposed, or artisan-produced furniture, bring something very special to your home.

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