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There are few items of furniture that are as widely recognised and universally loved as the Scandinavian sofa. Whether it features the iconic gently splayed legs in exposed wood or a geometric metal frame, and whether its beautiful, low seat is upholstered in a jewel bright colour or soft leather, the Scandinavian style sofa is a bona fide design classic. Here at Vinterior you will find a stunning range of vintage Scandinavian and Scandinavian-style sofas, courtesy of our network of trusted sellers around the UK. If you are looking to add a statement piece to your living room or simply need a comfortable, durable sofa to match the rest of your Scandi interior design, you will find it right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Scandi sofas?

The colour palette of most Scandinavian living spaces is often kept light and simple, with shades of grey, blue and white the go-to colours. The beauty of this is that your furniture pieces can usually do all the talking style-wise. Your sofa should be no exception providing the sleek and stylish Scandi statement piece you need to consolidate the theme and provide a cosy spot for you and the family to enjoy. Whether it is a traditional worn black leather sofa from Komfort or a restored Dux four-seater in a fresh, blue tweed , you can do so much to turn your living room into a welcoming sanctuary.

In addition to providing the comfort you need to ensure your living room delivers everything it should do, choosing a vintage Scandi sofa from our collection means embracing the quality and durability required to ensure your look stands the test of time.

Incorporating Scandi sofas into your home

Your new Scandinavian scheme offers the ideal way to get back to basics. That’s why most people start creating their Nordic inspired space by clearing the room of absolutely everything, only to bring back the furnishings that are necessary for the function of the living space. One furniture piece that is integral to the function of the room is the sofa, but this doesn’t mean the design you select has to be blasé or boring.

Your Scandi sofa should be comfortable but that doesn’t mean compromising on style. Our vintage Scandi sofas give you the clean, elegant lines to complement the Nordic style. They provide texture and charm to provide a stunning contrast between the simplicity and starkness of your walls and the rustic, all-natural materials used to create this Scandi living room furniture essential.

It’s not just larger living spaces that can benefit from the simplicity of Scandinavian design. Smaller living rooms are made more spacious and light with the Nordic look, and we provide the living room furniture that helps you complement the Scandi scheme on a much smaller scale. Among our listings you may find a number of 2-seater retro Scandinavian sofas. These compact designs mean you can enjoy a quirky, contemporary and stylish finish and make the most of small space living.

Why shop for Scandi sofas with Vinterior?

Getting the Scandi look in your living room is simple with Vinterior. We provide quality and unswerving style throughout our Scandi sofa range. Most of our vintage Scandi sofas are original or restored, meaning your space benefits from the highest standard of craftsmanship and creativity. Their long history – most of our Scandi sofas hail from the mid-century – also means each sofa has its own backstory that only enriches the authenticity of the space further.

Discover the best Scandi sofas available both online and off, and unlock the benefits of our vintage finds for yourself by shopping with us now.