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The origin of the modernist style

Modernist furniture refers to all furniture from the 19th century to the present day that has been influenced by new modern trends. The modernist style was greatly influenced by the post world war II period and the willingness of consumers to reduce excesses and to prioritise the practicality of products.
In contrast to the styles that preceded it, which focused more on complex decorative patterns and designs, modernist sofas have cleaner lines and a more sober style. They blend perfectly into modern interiors but can fit in virtually any kind of decor.

Modernist sofas for sale

Over the years the modernist style has greatly evolved and produced many different kinds of designs. Our range of modernist style sofas includes a variety of models, which will meet all your expectations. From our magnificent mid-19th century sofas to our sleek post-World War II and 1960s modernist sofas with a sober and refined design, browse our wide collection to find the sofa that will make a real statement in any room of your house.

Modernist sofas for your home

Nowadays, the variety of sofas and other types of furniture on offer is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to choose. As the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a living room, it is important to choose it carefully. Several criterias such as style, dominant colours or the space you have in your home are to be taken into account. Whether your decor is modern, minimalist or traditional, one of our modernist sofas will blend in with elegance and transform your living room. You can also play with colors. In an interior with neutral colours such as grey or white you can opt for a bright colored modernist sofa to create a colour contrast and bring warmth to your living room.