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Vintage Leather Sofas

One of life's great pleasures has to be settling down into a lovely squishy, warm, aged vintage leather sofa and putting your feet up in front of a fire. There’s just something special about vintage leather sofas and chairs that evoke a true sense of nostalgia. Whether it’s the rustic, a little tattered look, or the musty leather smell, we just all love a good vintage leather couch. Not to mention they’re maybe one of the most stylish and elegant pieces of furniture out there.A proper vintage leather sofa adds class and sophistication to any space. There really is no interior where say, a Scandinavian vintage corner leather sofa, with all of its minimal elegance, wouldn’t fit. Oh, and did we mention that they’re also super easy to clean? While the leather will yield and soften over time, it’s the wipe-clean ability and hard-wearing nature of a wood-frame leather sofa that makes it so appealing. Take a peek at the vintage, contemporary, and classic designs we have in our collection. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with an oversized vintage leather sofa in a bright, bolshy blue, or you’d prefer to snuggle up in a smaller two-seater tan piece—you’ll find a one-of-a-kind vintage leather sofa for sale in our collection.

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Choosing a vintage leather sofa

Here at Vinterior, we have vintage leather sofas in so many styles, colours, and sizes. We have pieces from some of the most iconic and collectable designers from cities and countries all around the world. Whatever your style, you’ll be able to find your dream vintage leather sofa from our extensive range.

For a classic look, avoid sofas with arms that curve out too much and opt for a wood-frame leather sofa instead. This can also save you much-needed space. Instead, opt for arms that are straight and more upright, curving at the top. The feet should ideally be solid and low to the ground without contrasting too heavily with the leather.

A vintage leather sofa is a statement piece, so don’t be shy when choosing a colour. Always go for a hue that will complement your other interiors and furnishings. One of our most popular options is the quintessential caramel tan, famous for brightening up any glum and gloomy room. If you want that clean, minimal all-white look, a white leather sofa is a particularly good choice because of how easy it is to clean. Call us old fashioned, but the classic chocolate-brown, red, and black leather sofas are some of our favourites, deep shades offering that extra dramatic, statement look.

At Vinterior some of our favourite designs are Scandinavian modern sofas upholstered in leather. Famed for their minimal, elegant designs, Scandinavian leather sofas are some of the best leather sofas around. Often coming in cool blacks, classic creams, tans and warm browns, mid-century modern Scandinavian leather sofas are timeless and absolutely sure to add suave, style and statement to your interior space.

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