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The Danes are known for their appreciation of exquisite, pared back design and Danish leather sofas are an accessible way to introduce the look to your home. Straight lines, crisp angles and unfussy shapes in warm browns ranging from light tan through to dark chocolate are the hallmarks of these pieces. Pure craftsmanship from established designers creates a look that is timeless, yet contemporary. Using either beech or teak for the frame, some sofas feature exposed wood which is often stained to a hue corresponding to the colour of the leather. Whether you are looking for a one-off piece or a full suite, browse through our website for the very best in Danish leather sofas.

Why choose Danish leather sofas?

Laidback and elegant, there is something effortlessly chic about a faded, buttoned leather sofa. Equally, the crisp straight lines of an iconic piece of Danish design in a soft retro tan colour dating from the 1970s conjures up all the magic and freedom of the era. Vinterior is home to an ever-changing showcase of two and three-seater sofas, some with matching armchairs, so there’s bound to be a piece that will trigger a connection for you, and if you’ve never explored Danish design before, there’s a lot to discover.

Leather wears beautifully, ageing and transforming with time. In fact, quality leather can often look better after several years than when it was new. Decades of use give our pieces a mellow, soft appearance and they will look as if they have been in your house forever. Leather sofas generally have a firmer feel than fabric sofas – they are less yielding to sit on. However, they are tough and easy to care for requiring just a dust and polish. To care for your leather sofa, you may wish to invest in a leather cream. This will prevent the surface from cracking sometimes caused by a warm, dry atmosphere.

Leather is incredibly versatile and throughout the later decades of the last century, Danish designers produced some stylish statement pieces that are currently right in vogue. There is something very satisfying about beautiful squares of soft leather that are tactile to the touch, as well as looking fabulous. The smooth unbuttoned look of the sixties with its clean, square lines is fashionable at the moment and very much complements a modern, contemporary setting. However, if you’re creating a more eclectic, relaxed look, or you live in a period property, you may prefer a buttoned sofa in a darker brown or deep red shade with rounded corners and edges.

Leather never goes out of style. It is tough, hard-wearing and endlessly classic. Leather suites are ideal for a family sharing, they add style and gravitas to a large lounge but can be cosy and intimate in a smaller setting. Occasional leather chairs are a great choice for a study or a bedroom, too.

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Our collection of Danish leather sofas celebrate the colours and styles popular during the later years of the 20th century. You can be sure every piece is unique and authentic, carefully chosen for its provenance, style and condition. Thanks to our national network of more than a thousand trusted, reputable sellers, our online marketplace is the best place to find the sofa (or indeed any furnishing) you need to bring character and style to your home. So why not enjoy a slow trawl through our website and feast your eyes on the very best of Danish leather sofas?