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Vintage Leather Sofas

A vintage leather sofa adds class and sophistication to any space. Take a peek at the vintage, contemporary, and classic designs we have in our collection. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with an oversized vintage leather sofa. Or you’d prefer to snuggle up in a smaller two-seater piece. You’ll find the sofa of your dreams from our range.

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Antique leather sofas

An antique leather sofa is so much more than a simple piece of furniture. It’s a style statement, a comfort piece, and a future heirloom all in one.

An excellent vintage leather sofa not only improves with age but buying a pre-loved piece also saves you money. A slightly battered, well loved, soft to the touch leather sofa introduces a sense of reminiscence and familiarity. Like pulling on your favourite pair of jeans or a much loved cashmere jumper.

An older antique leather sofa that has experienced some life but is still intact is a great option for families with children and pets as it can be wiped clean. Just make sure the leather hasn’t cracked yet. And there’s more. While spills and stains look ugly on a brand-new sofa, they can blend into the sheen of an older piece and add extra character.

Choosing a vintage leather sofa

Here at Vinterior, we have vintage leather sofas in so many styles, colours, and sizes. Not to mention pieces from collectible designers from cities and countries around the world. Choosing your dream vintage leather sofa can be fun.

For a classic look, avoid sofas with arms that curve out too much. This can also save you much-needed space. Instead, opt for arms that are straight and more upright, curving at the top. The feet should ideally be solid and low to the ground without contrasting too heavily with the leather.

A vintage leather sofa is a statement piece, so don’t be shy when choosing a colour. Always go for the hue that you like best. One of our most popular options is the quintessential caramel tan which can brighten a glum and gloomy room and reflect light easily.

Remember, leather shades shift in popularity. While chocolate-brown, red, and black leather sofas may seem a bit dramatic, don’t rule them out if these colours pique your interest. When slightly weathered and worn, these coloured vintage leather sofas can offer a warm sense of charm.

Once you’ve chosen your dream vintage or antique leather sofa, it’s time to select furniture to complement your piece. Add a splash of colour with a hand-woven rug, invest in balanced lighting, or choose some vibrant wall art to create the perfect living space for you.

Avoid furnishing a room with a complete leather suite. This can often come across as too heavy and overwhelming. Instead, invest in a high-quality piece that suits the proportions of the room.