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Every living area needs a beautiful sofa. But few are as elegant and distinctive as those made in 17th and 18th Century France. With the rise of the French Empire, along came the decadence and indulgence of the Palace in Versailles, the interior of which is famous for its ornate carvings, rich gilt bronze framing, luxurious upholstering and rich textiles. If you are looking to incorporate a little bit of historical French grandeur into your home then you have come to the right place. Find your dream antique French sofa today by browsing Vinterior. Find buttoned sofas, corbeille sofas, salon sofas and other Louis XV style upholstered carved sofas that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

The unique charm of antique French sofas

Part of what makes antique French sofas so gorgeous is the quintessentially French balance of hand carved wood with exquisite fabric upholstery.

An elegant French antique sofa is the perfect addition to a living space, whether it’s in a slick modern apartment or a classic cosy townhouse, the grandeur of these sofas is offset by their supreme comfort and versatility.

One of the traditional shapes of antique sofas, that many furniture enthusiasts will be familiar with, is the salon sofa. With smooth, flowing lines, high arms and ornately carved legs in mahogany, oak and other quality timbers, these two-seater sofas create a stunning focal point for the room and look equally elegant placed in a bedroom or hallway.

Originally made for upper class French households, antique French sofas were as much about showing off wealth and taste as about providing a comfortable place to sit. However, the quality and attention to detail in these handmade items has meant they have survived the tests of time, and retain both quality and beauty centuries later.

A freshly upholstered Louis XV style sofa looks as pristine and inviting today as anything you can find a modern furniture shop, and will retain its value for years and years to come.

Fans of antique French furniture can explore the richly decorated gilt bronze framed Corbeille style sofas, upholstered with gorgeous Jacquard fabrics and finished with lacquered wood. Place in a living space, parlour or drawing room, or add a sense of occasion to a guest bedroom with this gorgeous eye-catching seat.

What many buyers notice about antique French sofas is that, as well as the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are supremely comfortable and designed to provide equal support and softness. These antique French sofas are also built to last, as is shown in their continued durability – over 300 years after they were first made. Crafted by hand, no two are exactly the same, so you can enjoy an addition to your interior theme that is unique and full of character. Every antique has it own story and heritage, bringing character and personality to your home, however you choose to style it.

The authentic French aesthetic from the period during which many of these antiques were created is that of elaborateness and elegance in one. You have to look closely to see the many details, carved, sewn and sculpted in every corner of each of these antique French sofas. Why not also look for complementary poufs, stools and chairs to complete the perfect French antique-inspired living space.

Explore beautiful antique French sofas today at Vinterior. Find your dream sofa to suit your budget, taste and spatial requirements, and complete your space with a piece that is truly special.

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