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If you are searching for furniture from a particular period with specific features and style, you’ve come to the best place. Here at Vinterior we have partnered up with furniture boutiques and dealers from across the country to provide you with the very finest vintage and antique pieces. If you are looking to bring a little bit of vintage quality into your interior, why not start with an iconic vintage chesterfield sofa. Shop our marketplace now and say hello to comfort and character in abundance.

Choosing vintage chesterfield sofas

A vintage Chesterfield sofa has a very distinctive style that almost everyone is familiar with. The most obvious feature of a chesterfield sofa is that the arms are aligned with the back of the sofa, giving the sense that those sitting on the sofa are being enveloped by it.

Browse our listings and you will see that chesterfield sofas come in a range of different colours, available in two-seater, three-seater and even four-seater models. They are made with a hardwood frame that is reinforced in pivotal areas with blocks. The whole framing is then covered with a polish to increase strength. Springs and padding are then added to give the vintage Chesterfield sofa its trademark shape and design. Most famously, these sofas are covered in quality leather, pinned in place with the distinctive button-back style.

Incorporating a vintage chesterfield sofa in the home

Buying a vintage Chesterfield sofa has a lot of benefits. These sofas are timeless additions to any home that are certainly going to intrigue visitors. They offer a rich aesthetic and a very tangible sense of history. Chesterfield sofas are also surprisingly versatile. If you are looking to create the sense of style and grandeur of a smoking room or gentleman’s club then, of course, the chesterfield sofa works beautifully. Yet, original pieces that are now worn and showing signs of use are popular in all kinds of settings – from shabby chic living spaces to industrial-inspired open plan kitchen diners. Chesterfields can even work within ultra-modern surroundings, providing a much-needed contrast and element of texture to spaces that have solid, clean white surfaces.

These vintage sofas may have been around a long time but they’re certainly not going to falter or fall out of favour any time soon. As their features outline, these sofas have been crafted to stand the test of time using durable materials and various reinforcements and protective coatings. As long as you care for your vintage Chesterfield sofa, it has exceptional potential to outlast those cheap modern, mass-produced items.

The good news is that caring and maintaining your vintage Chesterfield sofa is much easier than other sofas too – especially those made with fabric upholstery. Due to being covered in leather, any spillages can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Shop for vintage, retro chesterfield sofa with Vinterior

If the thought of a vintage Chesterfield sofa in your lounge has you excited, maybe it’s time to start shopping around. Fortunately, you no longer need to trawl around shops and other marketplaces to source the sofa for you; instead, you can let us do all the hard work. As the largest online marketplace in the UK for heritage and bespoke furniture, there’s nowhere better than Vinterior to find your chesterfield sofa.