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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Retro Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are an eternally popular space-saving solution for the modern house. Not only this, but they offer a versatile and practical alternative to a spare bed. Many sofa beds are both comfortable beds and stylish sofas – the ultimate two-in-one furniture choice for the contemporary space. For many of us, the sofa is a key piece for our living spaces, as well as a great way to add extra seating and a different dynamic to a bedroom or corridor. If you want your sofa to make a statement and be a focal point, why not choose a retro sofa bed? These days, retro accents are frequently used to add character and charm to both traditional and modern interior looks. They allow you to express your unique personality, bring a sense of kitsch and quirkiness to your home, and are an eco-friendly home deco option too. Find a vast collection of retro sofa beds and other furniture at Vinterior, and get inspiration for your home today.

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Retro sofa beds: choose your period

When we talk about retro furniture and accessories, we are generally referring to looks from and inspired by the recent past. In that sense, sometimes it is used interchangeably with the term ‘vintage’.

On the whole, though, it seems that ‘retro’ generally refers to any nostalgia-inducing style from the last century. Retro furniture and decorations encompass a wide range of items: from original 1970s floor lamps, to upcycled modern lounge chairs with 90s-inspired fabrics: if it makes you feel nostalgic, it’s retro!

Sofa beds have been around for decades, and a retro sofa bed is an attractive (and practical) addition to any home. Whether you want a hidden spare bed for when you have guests to stay, or need a two-in-one seating and sleeping solution for a compact attic space, make it a feature piece by choosing a sofa bed from the 1970s, 80s, 90s or an upcycled sofa with a mix of contemporary and retro styles.

If you are looking for a classic 1970s sofa bed, find leather sofa beds and those in the Danish modern style. Inject a touch of 1980s glamour with the crisp, clean lines of a simple futon sofa bed. Add some 90s charm by choosing a sofa bed upholstered in boldly coloured and patterned fabrics, with futuristic shapes to each component.

Find all kinds of retro sofa beds to complement different sizes and styles of interior at Vinterior. Whether it is a 50s Danish sofa bed in original fabric by Perter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen or a sleek leather 60s sofa bed by Eugen Schmidt Soloform, there’s a retro piece for any home environment.

Shop for retro sofa beds with Vinterior

At Vinterior, you can find original one-off pieces, shabby chic and upcycled items, as well as authentic antiques and vintage furniture that have been collected from around the world. Rather than simply buying a functional modern sofa bed, why not explore all the retro options available to you at your fingertips, and add a little charm and character to your living space or bedroom? As the UK’s largest online marketplace there’s nowhere better to find the designs you crave.

Filling your home with retro pieces ensures that no one will have the same interior as you, so your home will be as unique as you are. Discover hidden gems and nostalgic treasures today at Vinterior.

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