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Retro furniture is very on-trend, offering a sustainable and rewarding option that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. Made from premium materials and with superior craftsmanship, it’s hard to beat a top notch vintage item. Retro sideboards are the perfect example of this, a traditional piece of furniture that was commonplace in the past. Available in a range of styles and finishes, it’s possible to grab a great deal on a sideboard when you shop vintage. To take a look at what you might be able to find, check out our online marketplace here at Vinterior.

Styling up retro sideboards

Sideboards used to be an integral part of every home, and the functional yet attractive qualities are now being recognised once more. Retro styling means you can choose a sideboard to match your decor, whether that’s funky and fresh or polished and sophisticated. There are retro sideboards in a range of different styles, so if you’re looking to revamp your home, it’s the perfect addition. Here are a few examples to look out for:

Painted sideboard

This is a type of wooden sideboard which has been upcycled and painted in a different colour, typically in a complementary colour like white, grey or duck egg blue. This walks the line between a vintage and modern style, bringing the best of both together. However, it is also possible to use a sideboard to make a statement – contrasting a light setting with a painted black or navy sideboard to add a greater sense of presence.

A painted sideboard could suit a number of different types of decor but works particularly well with shabby chic or a French farmhouse style.

Dresser bases

Look closely at this item and you’ll quickly realise that it used to belong to a much larger piece of furniture: a dresser. With the top removed, the base makes an ideal sideboard, offering no shortage of storage and an attractive, balanced appearance.

Art Deco

No era in the last century quite has the glamour of the Art Deco period. Original pieces from this time are much sought-after and are often distinguished by clean lines and geometric accents. Sideboards from this era are often a fascinating shape, offering unusual angles and curves that make a real statement.


Although these are often antiques, it’s possible to find chiffoniers which fall within the vintage era too. Typically smaller than a sideboard, they often feature ornate decorations and extra detailing such as a mesh front.

Where to put retro sideboards

Once you’ve found your perfect sideboard on Vinterior, you’ll need to think about how it fits into your home. The good news is that it’s an extremely versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of rooms.

In the dining room, a sideboard is the ideal place to stash your cutlery and table linen, making it easy to lay the place settings when you’re ready to eat. In the lounge a sideboard can offer attractive storage for anything you need, as well as complementing the rest of the decor. In the bedroom, a sideboard can be used for clothing or linen, as well as personal belongings.

Versatile and modern, a retro sideboard comes in a range of styles and sizes which can be used all over the house to great effect.

Shop for retro sideboards with Vinterior

Take a look at our online catalogue at Vinterior to find retro sideboards in a variety of styles. From shabby chic to Art Deco, there’s a great selection of sideboards and other vintage furniture to view, and all at very affordable prices.