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Vintage Library Cabinets  

Store books the sophisticated way with a vintage library cabinet from our selection. These gorgeously ornate pieces tell stories of times gone by. Capture a slice of history while creating handy storage for books and other household items in a glorious vintage library cabinet.

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Vintage library cabinets

When you’ve got enough books to fill a small library, you need somewhere to keep them. Enter our sophisticated vintage library cabinets, made from top quality woods and metals. These units show off the best in furniture making from the last four centuries and look wonderful when used as part of a traditional decor scheme.

Our tasteful vintage library cabinets conjure up images of a time when books meant everything. A time of traditional bookbinding, multi-volume encyclopaedias and shiny gilded pages. In the modern home, they’re useful for displaying crockery and glassware, or storing magazines, office equipment and electronics – and, of course, books.

Find cabinets dating back to the 1700s in this interesting range. We have pieces that will slot comfortably into a variety of interior styles, be it Victorian, art deco, mid century, modernist and more. Browse the collection and feel inspired.

High quality craftsmanship

Our vintage library cabinets are made in the highest quality woods including mahogany, oak and walnut. Such materials are chosen for their sturdiness, uniform appearance and hard wearing qualities.

It’s not just exemplary carpentry that’s on show here. These exquisite pieces of furniture also display fine examples of other centuries-old crafts, including wood carving, sign writing and inlaying. Keep an eye out for brass edging, ebonising and leather surfacing, too. To see the detailing close up, click into each listing where you’ll have access to more photos.

Drawers and cupboards have beautifully ornate handles in brass or ormolu made into ring or cup shapes. Metal carvings, attractive panelling, cabriole legs and bun feet all contribute to the elegance of this stunning furniture.

Library cabinet features

More than just a simple bookcase, many of these vintage library cabinets include doors to keep the contents free from dust. Most have cupboards and drawers in addition to the shelving.

Cubby holes and miniature drawers may also feature. Some include a bureau, or writing desk. Either fixed or as a pull down flap or pull out section. Some have keyholes for keeping things locked away – will yours still have its original key?

Useful for the home

A library cabinet has a multitude of uses around the house. Use it for storing clothes in the bedroom or vintage kitchenware in the dining area – glass doors make display cabinets of these lovely units.

In the office, place one of our vintage library cabinets next to an elegant desk from our selection. And don’t miss our assortment of desk accessories where you’ll find bookends, writing slopes and letter racks to contribute to your working space.