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If you hadn’t noticed already, we love vintage. As proud purveyors of all things old, we have helped to connect vintage fans with the ideas, inspiration and items they need to embrace their passion. For home improvers looking to bring their love for vintage into their homes, our collection of extraordinary vintage furniture, lighting and accessories is an opportunity to create a truly beautiful home. Our online marketplace is designed to make the discovery and purchase of home décor items with character easy. One home décor trend that is currently taking the interior design world by storm is the vintage school look. Great for home offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms, vintage school furniture has the potential to add that something old to a space whether you’re just adding a touch of vintage or going the whole hog with a full-on period look. Whatever your design ambitions, find the vintage school furniture you need by exploring the greatest online selection of vintage, mid-century, antique and upcycled at Vinterior.

Why choose vintage school furniture?

Character, quality and craftsmanship always come as standard here at Vinterior. In fact, these qualities are just a few of the reasons why people invest in vintage, antique and upcycled pieces in the first place. Our vintage school furniture range is no exception, and delivers the outstanding look and feel that individuals have come to expect from the ever popular vintage look.

Old school interior design is a tricky scheme to master without the right furniture and accessories in tow. After all, you want to create the unrefined feeling that is synonymous with school settings of the past, whilst incorporating the more contemporary design elements that still make the space a comfortable place to call home. Our vintage school furniture collection, which includes school desks, chairs, benches and even accessories like school coat hooks, gives you what you need to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

As well as featuring full sized items of school furniture to transform dining rooms and home offices, our range showcases a variety of children’s furniture, too. The vintage school look is particularly powerful when incorporated into children’s bedrooms and playrooms. While your child may not appreciate a space’s vintage value just yet, you can be transported back to the past every time you step into the room.

Our children’s vintage school furniture items come from varying eras, with the mid-century popular with many. Among our listings you may find our 1960s wooden children’s chair. Sporting a utilitarian industrial design, this original classic from high end furniture maker Flötotto will look chic in any room of a modern home.

Vintage school furniture: why shop with Vinterior?

Choosing well-made vintage and antique school furniture is easy thanks to our collaboration with thousands of independent boutiques, furniture sellers, dealers and designers. Our products and collections provide a unique sense of history plus a sturdiness and quality that you simply don’t get from newly manufactured furniture. Our vintage school furniture can form the backbone of your classic interior design scheme, cementing the old fashioned look that is still very much on trend.

Want to find the vintage school furniture that sets the tone for the rest of your design? Look no further than our collection.