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Vintage Corner Cabinets    

One of the most ingenious ways to create space in any room – especially if you are looking for more storage – is by adding corner cabinets. A corner cabinet is the unsung hero of any room, coming in very handy especially in the kitchen where storage is key. Many corner cabinets come in pullout drawers, lazy Susan shelves or open shelves, creating the option of a pantry even when space is limited. Of course, you want a corner cabinet to be attractive as well as practical. For decades, interior designers have taken pride in creating some of the best corner cabinets for home and office owners, and these designers are all available to you thanks to Vinterior. Our collection includes many of the most attractive and practical corner cabinets around, including stunning mid-century designs. Browse through Vinterior’s online marketplace to discover our wide selection of mid-century corner cabinets for yourself, and get inspired.

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  • Why choose corner cabinets?

    One of the reasons why many people go for vintage corner cabinets is because of their sleek, geometrical shapes and clean lines, typical of this era’s furniture manufacture. They bring out an appeal not seen much in many of the modern day corner cabinets. Corner cabinets also come in a variety of colours. These range from natural colours to vibrant hues and bold colours. As such, more traditional materials like solid wood were often juxtaposed with more modern elements such as steel, glass, bronze and even plastic. Teak is one of the most popular mid-century materials, giving corner cabinets a sleek, honeyed look which has stood the test of time.Besides creating space, a vintage corner cabinet or corner cupboard offers storage and add beauty to any room. You can use vintage corner cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom and even in the bedroom – anywhere where storage and great furniture is welcome. The charm of the corner cabinet is that it doesn’t take up too much floorspace, making it a smart solution for even smaller spaces which require storage.

  • Shop for mid-century corner cabinets with Vinterior

    We have a very impressive selection of corner cabinets ranging from antique and mid-century to contemporary, bespoke, retro and modern. Every piece in our collection of many thousands of items has been specially chosen from more than one thousand trusted sellers, celebrated designers and iconic brands, including leading mid-century names such as G Plan.With so many unique and characterful pieces to choose from, you’re sure to find a corner cabinet that meets your requirements and taste. We are the largest online marketplace for unique furniture, and ever piece in our collection has plenty of charm, and a fascinating story to tell. With Vinterior, you always get quality.Every piece of the mid-century furniture in our collection is a little piece of history. The materials used, the manufacture and the designer themselves all add to the charm of these individual items, ensuring your home is filled with pieces like no other. To learn more about our wide variety of furniture selection and all our other services, browse through our extensive collection today. Get inspired by the charm and beauty experienced by a myriad of mid-century furniture owners from all over the world.