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Freestanding Kitchen Island Units for Sale

If you love vintage and antique decor, the kitchen is one area where it can be difficult to stamp your personality, due to the number of appliances and mod cons covering every surface. However, there is a way to add some retro style to this room: by using freestanding kitchen islands. Although it’s certainly true you can buy contemporary kitchen islands, there are many vintage-inspired designs, too. These stunning pieces offer not only valuable storage and preparation space but also a dash of class and style. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a wide range of freestanding kitchen islands which can transform the appearance of your room. Take a look at our online catalogue today to discover the different ways a kitchen island could provide a new look for your home.

Choosing a vintage kitchen island

A kitchen island will only work if you have a little space in your kitchen; if you have a galley style which is narrow, you won’t be able to incorporate this piece of furniture. However, you don’t need a giant kitchen to include a freestanding kitchen island as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here at Vinterior there a broad range of heritage pieces that can be repurposed to serve as statement kitchen islands. From butcher’s blocks to potting tables, there are a number of pieces that will add life and character to any farmhouse, shabby chic or industrial kitchen. Often these items feature shelving underneath and they can stretch from as little as a metre to as much as three metres.

Freestanding kitchen island with seating

However, there are also items of furniture that you can repurpose as kitchen islands that offer an abundance of space and closed storage – take for instance a 1940s vintage pine bakers table. Lifted directly from an old bakery this is a clear talking point as well as an impressive and functional item. Similarly, upcycled cupboards, shop counters and haberdashery units can also function beautifully as kitchen islands.

include and look similar to a merchant’s chest in appearance. Here you’ll find no shortage of drawers and cupboard space, with everything kept neatly away out of sight.

If you only have a small amount of space in your kitchen and need to fit in seating too; some styles of kitchen island double up as a breakfast bar. This is the most versatile style and is available in wooden, retro designs so you won’t lose the character you’re trying to create.

We sell new, too

While we may not be fans of mass-market modern products, we do love beautifully crafted pieces from independent furniture makers. Here at Vinterior you can find listings from furniture makers able to build freestanding kitchen islands to your specifications.

Reasons to choose a freestanding kitchen island

Kitchen islands add real style and charm to the overall design of an interior, especially when paired with dressers in a farmhouse style. However, there are some very practical reasons why freestanding kitchen islands are so popular, such as:


Given the choice, most people would love a bit of extra storage in their kitchen; an island ticks this box. Depending on the design you choose, there’s shelves, cupboards and surface space too, giving you the much-needed extra room without compromising the aesthetics.

Increases family time

If you’re spending a long time slaving away in the kitchen, you can feel quite isolated from the rest of the family. A kitchen island is the ideal spot for children to sit and do their homework, or your partner to come and share a cup of coffee. A freestanding kitchen island allows the family to spend time together without getting in the way of the cook – whoever that might be.

Creates extra space

Not every home is blessed with lots of surface space but there’s only a finite amount of surface area you can create around the edges of the kitchen. If you like to do a lot of cooking, or if you enjoy teaching your children to cook, it’s helpful to have as much surface area as possible. A kitchen island increases this in a simple yet effective way.

Shop for freestanding kitchen islands with Vinterior

Here at Interior we’ve got a huge array of freestanding kitchen islands; take a look today to discover your style.

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